The Yamas – Ahimsa

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Yoga is more than simply practicing the postures (called Asanas).

A true yogi follows the “8 Limbs of Yoga”, a practical application of philosophy, ethics, and energy work to obtain enlightenment.

One of the eight limbs is called the Yamas, which is a set of 5 ethical and moral philosophies regarding life.

Ahimsa is the yama for physical, mental, and emotional nonviolence.

This means avoiding gossip or intentionally hurting others with our words or actions.
Harmful thoughts, judgements, and criticisms of others, are damaging- even with good intentions. Ahimsa encourages the practice of compassion, understanding and letting go of the future outcomes. I surrender my frustrations, and allow Ahimsa to influence my daily practice, my flow in the world becomes one of peace. I am not perfect but I am making progress, and I find it easy to let things go without anger.
Ahimsa inspired me to practice Sat Ta Na Ma, a Buddhist mantra for compassion. This is one of my favorite mantras, and I chant it into many of my practices. One can shift the vibration of an entire space with Sa Ta Na Ma. Try it during your next meditation.




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Cult Intuition “Confirmed” Alien Species

aliens, extraterrestrials, alien encounters, outer space, space,

Aliens exist.
I started having experiences when I was a child,
orbs of light from the sky-
a metallic orb at my window-
visitors who don’t look quite human
and it’s like they can read my mind.

Through researching my own experiences with aliens, documented public cases of interactions, and more- I believe many beings exist on Earth, and on other frequencies. Below are the species I believe exist, scroll further for descriptions of each. Particularly the Arcturians, Pleadians and the Greys/Zeta Reticulan- I have had several experiences leading me to believe in the existence of these beings. There are probably many more alien species existing- life in space is diverse.

The Greys
The Zeta Reticulan
The Reptilians
The Pleiadians
The Arcturians “Tall Whites”
A blue tall avian-like alien,
and bat-like aliens.

as well there may be an ancient species known as the Lyrans.

There also may be an intergalactic federation, comprised of over 22 million aliens from across the Universe called the Galactic Federation of Light. Bashar is one of the aliens in command, and has been transmitting messages to Earth via channel Darryl Enka. I had an interesting experience with the mention of Bashar, during a night out of wishmaking coming true.

The more we learn about the Earth, we discover human history may be much older than we imagined– we’ve even discovered our ancestors were capable of advanced mathematics and technology.

Evidence of extraterrestrial encounters are cited in various ancient religious texts, and tribal cultures, including one of the oldest of all: the Vedas. In my opinion, it’s safe to assume species of extraterrestrials have influenced the development of our species throughout history.

Descriptions of Extraterrestrial Species

arcturians the greys aliens extraterrestrial
Image From Wikimedia Commons

The Greys
Small to Large beings with the classic large black eyes.
Reportedly have three or four fingers,
Colors range from white to deep gray.
Hive mind. Telepathic communication.
Benevolent to Hostile.

The Zeta Reticulan
Advanced species.
Related to the Greys.
Small to medium height, large black eyes, small noses and mouth.
Verbal or telepathic communication.
Capable of time travel and advanced travel.
Benevolent to Neutral.

The Reptilians
Large, reptile-like beings.
Very intelligent. Often misunderstood.
Also can be very agressive.
Benevolent to Agressive.

The Pleiadians
Tall beings, human-like with light color hair and eyes
Peaceful, dimensional light beings from Pleiades star system.
Can communicate telepathically over great distances.

The Arcturians
Beings from Bootes constellation.
Blueish, alien-like large green eyes. In other dimensions, appear to be tall Arian race humanoids.
Light beings.

Blue Avian Aliens
Humanoid 8ft Tall
Bright Blue Feathers
They can teleport, and exist multi-dimensionally

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Have You Heard of Numerology?

numbers, math, mathematics, science, scifi
222, 2222, 22,
I keep seeing 2’s all day.
Numbers hold significant meaning,
this study is called Numerology.
Without language to describe what’s going on,
math would still exist.
Mathematics is the only universal language.
If you believe in Spirit, God, Source-
you know there is manifest
a consciousness that permeates all time/space.
When a certain number is relevant in our lives,
it means we’re tapping into deeper realms of existence
to receive messages.
2 is the number of balance
in friendships, relationships, work and play-
the duality of life,
22 is the most powerful of all numbers,
 turning dreams into reality.
222 is a triply digit, meaning it’s important!
It encourages taking a balanced
harmonious and peaceful stance in life.
What numbers do you see?
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Hakini Mudra

Mudras HakiniMudra Chakra Healing Meditation Conscious Hacking Rewiring Your Mind Positivity
Find your happy place 😌🙏🏼💕

Hakini Mudra

The Hakini Mudra encourages healing and harmony in the body, aligning and opening chakras, improving our memory.

To perform the Hakini Mudra:
Take a deep breath in pressing tongue to the roof of mouth.
Exhale relaxing your tongue.
Focus gaze on third eye.
Bring both hands to your center.
Bring palms together and press each finger together.
Continue breathing.
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Thrifting for Natural Fabrics

sustainability sustainable habits thrifting wool natural fabric
Now that it’s getting colder, I want more to layer with. I haven’t been clothes shopping in a while!
sustainability sustainable habits thrifting wool natural fabric
I put a special focus this year on reducing my impact on the environment and living more sustainably.
This trip I was looking for clothing made with ONLY natural materials.
When I found out the negative impacts of artificial fabric on the environment,
I began the process of clearing out all toxic / unnatural fibers from my wardrobe.
Polyester, Nylon, Rayon, and Acrylic are unnatural fabrics that contribute to global pollution. And … 

The fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world.

Second only to oil.
Toxic chemicals from the materials that make our clothes are dumped into streams and the ocean, polluting our ground water and global water supply.
I love fashion. But the more woke I become, the more I understand the impact of cheap fashion on our world. I decided to update my habits to support a healthier vision of the future, based on the facts. I want to share what I learned with you!
   sustainability sustainable habits thrifting wool natural fabric
On this thrifting trip, I was on the lookout for natural fabrics.
and I found some amazing natural clothing.
 sustainability sustainable habits thrifting wool natural fabric
A gorgeous embroidered deep blue Thai Silk lounge outfit, with baggy pants I had been looking for.
 sustainability sustainable habits thrifting wool natural fabric
A cozy green wool jacket with buttons.
sustainability sustainable habits thrifting wool natural fabric
And a graceful white cotton pullover.
I also decided to research natural materials.
I have mixed feelings about using animal products.
I avoid leather- except sustainably or second hand because vegan pleather is really really bad for the environment- plus some people eat cows and I would rather the whole animal go to use.
In my research I also learned that SILK involves killing millions of silk worms IN Their COCOONS to steal the material!
That hit me.
I love these blue silk pajamas, but I think I will avoid silk from now on.
The day after I researched this, a little cocoon popped up in my apartment!
I plan on making Malas soon- and the only options for sturdy string are Rayon (not so great for the environment) or Silk. I will have to meditate on how to do this one…
Wool and Cashmere can be taken from the animal without harming it, and actually helps groom the animals. Cotton and hemp come from plants, and are really my preferred material as long as they are sustainably sourced.
I can’t wait to finish cleaning out my wardrobe. I feel so much better in natural materials. 
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October Full Moon in Aries, Harvest Moon

Full Moon Harvet Moon Moon Magic AStrology Venus Mars Astronomy
The Harvest Full Moon is in Aries, the fiery sign of individuality.
We are being asked to examine how we are responsible for the problems of this world, and how we are contributing to the recreation of a new world. How do we project our anger into the world? What can we learn from that? The stubborn self-interested energy of this Aries Moon is opposite to Sun in Libra, the sign of balance, groupthink. Challenging us to integrate the notions of Self and Other. From Separation to Unity. Passion meets Peace. Be mindful of the desire to act like things are “My way or the Highway”- our stubbornness is being called to light. Instead take a bigger look at the circumstances of life, and collaborate with the energies around us. Here we will find peace, we will achieve what we set out to do. Right now there is a lot of agressive energy looming worldwide. Look at the news headlines for the last couple weeks- how can we transmute this energy?
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Why do we OM? An Introduction to Aum (Om)

bird of paradise, birdofparadise, yogateacher, yoga teacher, guru, flexible
is a 3 letter word in Sanskirt representing the omnipresent Cosmic vibration. When we AUM, we are resonating with this omnipresent vibration. When we make this connection, we allow our bodies to release anything that holds us down, and our vibrations are cleansed.
Each letter has a significant meaning:
A represents the creation force, all matter.
U is the subtle energy of the Universe of lightness, balance and goodness.
M is symbolic of Ananda, the state being at One in bliss with all that is.
Remembering these meanings while we AUM gets yogis in tune with the Universe cosmic vibration.
Do you AUM?
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Introduction to Chakras and a Healing Chakra Meditation

Heal, Healing, Spiritual, 4d, Chakras, Workshop, Free Meditation, Guided Meditation
What are Chakras / Chakra? How do I heal my chakras?
Our body has 7 centers of energy along our spine. These are called the Chakras. Our life energy flows up and down our spine through these Chakras. Chakra literally means “Wheel”- imagine life energy as water flowing through water mill. If we have a blocked Chakra, the energy cannot flow and we experience disease, frustration and stress. Clear away this stagnant energy by practicing yoga, mudra and mantra to vibrate and open up these centers of energy along your spine. Chakra Healing is one of my favorite therapies,
When I dance, when I move my hips, I imagine an orange hoop of light circling around me. Simple visualizations like this can heal and activate our chakra centers. We already know which Chakras are blocked after we research them, and if we are willing to try- we can heal them.
Muladhara aka ROOT Chakra – Located at the base of the tale bone.
Color is Red.
Feelings of Safety, Trust.
The Root chakra is associated with Earth element.
Svadhistana aka SACRAL Chakra – Located under the belly button region.
Color is Orange.
Feelings of Sexuality, Creativity, and Connection to Others.
The Sacral Chakra is connected to the Water Element.
Manipura aka SOLARPLEXUS Chakra – Located at your stomach.
Color is Yellow.
Feelings of Confidence, Self Efficacy
The Solar Plexus Chakra is associated with the Fire Element.
Anahata aka HEART Chakra – Located at your heart ❤️.
Color is GREEN.
Feelings of Love, Self Love
The Heart Chakra is associated with the Air Element.
Vishudda aka#THROAT Chakra – Located at the base of your throat.
Color is LIGHT BLUE.
Feelings of Communication, Self Expression
Ajna aka THIRDEYE 👁 Chakra – Located center of your forehead.
Color is PURPLE.
Feelings of Psychic Ability, Intuition
Crown Chakra Connection to Source. Divine Intelligence. Cord of Light.
Color is White, Or Deep Blue
Feelings of Oneness. Serenity. Creativity. Inspiration.


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3 Simple Techniques for Anxiety, Depression and PTSD

Healer Healing Meditation Witchcraft Anxiety Depression PTSD

I may seem happy and uplifting all of the time, especially on social media, but in my real life that is not always the case. Some days are harder than others, some days I still wake up struggling with depression, and anxiety.

In the earlier stage of my healing, I was more reactive to triggers. It was challenging to be in social settings because often the simplest interaction triggered memories of the trauma, and anxious thoughts followed. I felt exposed- aware of the dark sad thoughts- and I felt like everyone else knew I was in the dark too. Being in that space, I discovered simple techniques to bring in the support and safety to bring myself back to center.
Here are 3 easy ways to call in love, support and strength when you’re suffering:

1. Talk to friends about what you are feeling. If you feel uncomfortable, or if you’re in your mind and disconnected from what’s going on around you, reach out to a friend and let them know, in a chill manner, how you are feeling. People don’t always understand that someone’s silence, distracted behavior, confusion or sluggishness comes from battling depression, PTSD or an anxiety attack. Letting people know you need their support can ease the anxiety attack.

2. Take slow, deep breaths filling your lungs, focusing on feeling your feet grounded and supported underneath you. This will ground you in the present moment. Connection with breath is connection to Universe and Oneness. Imagine you are breathing in the most relaxing fresh healing air and you will relax. The stronger your imagination is, the better this will work.

3. Stand in a confident posture, such as a Power Pose. We are electrical machines. When our minds close off, our bodies mirror it. Consciously opening up the body will redirect your flow of energy, triggering the release of happier hormones elevating your mood. Jumping up and down in small hops elevates my mood instantly- because it wakes up the brain. If you feel silly doing this, it’s working.

I hope this helps you, dear star seeds. Comment or DM me if you have questions or experiences! Have a beautiful Moonday!

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3 Incredibly Easy Eco-Friendly Habits

When I realized
my habits
were responsible
for the pollution and garbage we see today,
I shifted to better choices

for the environment and myself.

Consumer trends have a huge impact on the market.
If no one buys a product, it will not continue to be made.
#SOLUTIONS is a segment of Cult Intuition for sustainable life made simple.
Today’s topic…
3 Easy Eco-Friendly Habits.
3 simple, eco-friendly habits to reduce your impact on the environment.
    The climate of our planet is shifting, our oceans are filling up with trash and litter. We play a huge part in this cycle. Instead of asking corporations to change, let’s change our habits and make the shift happen. The Earth is just as alive as we are- her consciousness more massive than our lil nuggets. Let’s honor this connection and treat her with care and respect. Here are 3 habits to help our mama.
1) Shop Local or At Farmers Markets
    Take weekly farmers markets trips versus ur grocery shopping experience. You save packaging waste by skipping grocery stores. And it saves money- I get better prices on organic veggies from my local farmers than at the grocery store.
If you can’t make it to the Farmer’s Market, try to exclusively purchase locally grown fruits and veggies. Freight shipping food substantially contributes to carbon emissions and climate change. 
2) Save And Reuse Containers
When I see thousands of ZipLoc bags and Plastic Containers at someones place, and see in the trash containers, glass jars, etc so much stuff they could use instead. I wonder- Why? Why make this waste? This waste is choking dolphins, it is filling landfills with mess that will never go away.
up-cycle, conscious lifestyle, no waste, zero waste
When I realized how convenient it is to reuse containers, I started saving every container, glass jar etc. Glass is better for our health than plastic anyway.
Reusing containers makes me mindful when I buy food. Now I check to see if the packaging is recyclable. I don’t buy plastic food containers. I reuse plastic and paper grocery bags instead of buying trashbags. I up-cycle glass jars to store premade food, organize office materials, anything I can do with them.
It makes pre-making food much easier. Which leads us to our last tip…
3) Pre-Make Your Meals
    It might surprise you how much money and waste you save by making your own food. Super cheap instant meals comes wrapped in like 3 layers of plastic and cardboard. Thats a lot of trash going into the Ocean or a Landfill. Ditch the junk for a healthier self and Earth!
You are what you eat. Don’t be cheap or easy!
healthy lifestle, conscious living, ideas, sustainability, homemade
    It’s really easy to Prep a week’s worth of meals- it just takes about an hour one evening. So Pause The Netflix or Bring It Into The Kitchen With You- because it’s time to get crafty.
Recipe Ideas for Recycled Jars:
    -Overnight Oats
    -Chopped Veggies
-Nut Mixes
-Fruit/Veggie Bases for Smoothies
Use your imagination with these jars. I’ve started making my own jam and salsa. It’s easy!
This is how I added these 3 simple changes into my weekly life.
I pick the food I want for the week before I shop. I usually have left overs if I am cooking for myself, and when i plan it out this way, my food lasts over a week. Most food we crave breaks down into the same or similar ingredients. It’s easy to tweak a preplanned meal if we suddenly crave something else that week. Also this is a good way to eat a balance of nutrients.
I go to the Farmer’s Market on Sunday or Thursday and pick up the food stuff.
I get home, and I chop up 5-6 servings of veggies and place them in jars in my fridge. I make a jar of overnight oats for breakfast,
and I blend a mixture of beets and carrots to use in my smoothies for the week. That’s breakfast, lunch and dinner prepared for.
This makes it easy to make a meal in a rush. And when I make food, I store the leftovers in jars.
It makes cooking at home easier- there’s no prep and I can slam foods together and make a delicious Curry Meal with rice and veggies in 10 mins flat.
I hope these 3 simple habits inspire you.
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