Please Recycle Conscious Consumers


Over 8 million TONS of plastic waste end up in the ocean every year. 

And 1 million new plastic bottles are created every minute. It’s not possible to think we can recycle all this crap without harming the environment. It has to end. #BanSingleUsePlastics

We must take responsibility for our actions. We have to evaluate what we are doing and find a better way to live symbiotically with nature. New plant-based sustainable materials are being developed every year, and if more people support these products, the demand for better and more sustainable technology will become the status quo. Conscious consumerism will have a substantial impact on the markets. 

Ideas For A Conscious Consumer:

-Support Biodegradable Alternatives to Plastic. Use Bamboo Toothbrushes, Sugar Wax Instead of Shave, Paper over Plastic!

-Be Wary Of Packaging Materials! Plastic and Styrofoam are terrible. Support brands who made the switch to sustainable packaging- like glass or cartons.  

-Avoid All Single Use Plastic and Let The Store Know You Don’t Support Single Use Plastics! 

-Shop at your local Farmers Markets and Co-Ops where you can buy in bulk and avoid packaging.

-Upcycle Your Trash. Make art out of your plastic trash. Keep it out of the ocean by using it for something else. 


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How To Heal Your Acne With Kombucha

Kombucha, Acne, Healer, Crystal Healing, Alternative Medicine, Natural, Herbal Remedies, How to Get Rid of Acne

Kombucha is one of my Go-To remedies for acne breakouts.

Acne is painful and stressful. The best remedy I have found so far to cure recurrent breakouts is my diet. Kombucha is one drink in particular that helped restore my skin after I suffer from an extreme acne breakout. 

Kombucha is a fermented drink with live cultures and probiotics.

After I drink Kombucha I instantly feel healthier with more energy, and by the next day my skin is clearer. 

Acne can be caused by an overgrowth of Candida BACTERIA in the gut. 

We might break out after eating a lot of fried or sugary foods because fats and sugars feed candida bacteria. 
Kombucha has live cultures that attack colonies of candida, to restore us back to health. Kombucha tastes just like soda, sweet with no sugar.
I love @GTsKombucha in Tantric Turmeric for acne especially, because Turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory and antibacterial plant based medicine.

More Potential Benefits of Drinking Kombucha

-Clearer Skin
-Healthier Gut Biome
-Arthritis Prevention
-Cancer Prevention
-Cholesterol Reduction
-More Energy
-Promotes a Healthier Weight
-Enhances Your Mood
I hope this helps clear your skin!
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Sex Magic: The Difference Between Sensuality & Sexuality

sensuality, sexuality, magic, love yourself, body love, magic, features, magi, witchcraftSensuality and sexuality are very different.

Sensuality is a pleasurable awakening of our senses.
The sensation of our connection to All That Is.
Sensuality is being in contact with everything around us, and allowing the vibrations to wash over our beings with pleasure.
When we move sensually, we connect to the “touch me love” energy in our environment.
And our lives change, sometimes dramatically in response.
This is different from sexual energy, and how we direct our sexual energy called our Sexuality.
Sexuality is how we pleasure the creative organs.
It’s our desire to release the great ‘feel good’ chemicals for our little nuggets to experience.
You can be sensual during sexy time but they are not the same thing, never use them interchangeably.
Distinguishing between the two is important
because it is always acceptable to be sensual,
but it is not always acceptable to be sexual.
As a Witch I’ve seen the difference between sensual and sexual magic,
understanding this difference will enhance magical prowess when working with magic.

Tune in later this week for a tutorial on sensual touch!



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Rare Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse

eclipse, lunar eclipse, nasa, witchcraft, witches, healing, moon phases, full moon, astrology

Rare Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse

During the peak of the eclipse, the moon will be in the sign of Cancer, starting in Leo.
The Goddess Manifested.
Look up feminine symbols like Mary, Athena, Oshun, Lakshmi, Quan Yin and other powerful revolutionary women.
This is an especially powerful time for women leaders. An eclipse encourages revolutionary action.
Why do we feel this moon so strongly? We are 60% water and the Moon controls the tides. Enough said.
Feminine energy wants to have fun and create and make it all beautiful
Be wild. Be sensual.
Embrace the beautiful things of life.
Honor Yourself.
Invite in feminine energy by clearing old energy from the home, honor your body with lavish baths with oils and flowers and salts. Dance.
Get inspired by your space, within your body and wherever you call home.

Those on the west coast can see the total lunar eclipse, at 4 am tomorrow morning. The next New Moon will be a solar eclipse to bookend this cycle, occurring the night of February 15th after Valentine’s day. This is a powerful time for magic.
Happy Super Bloody Blue Moon Eclipse ☄️

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Have You Heard of Numerology?

numbers, math, mathematics, science, scifi
222, 2222, 22,
I keep seeing 2’s all day.
Numbers hold significant meaning,
this study is called Numerology.
Without language to describe what’s going on,
math would still exist.
Mathematics is the only universal language.
If you believe in Spirit, God, Source-
you know there is manifest
a consciousness that permeates all time/space.
When a certain number is relevant in our lives,
it means we’re tapping into deeper realms of existence
to receive messages.
2 is the number of balance
in friendships, relationships, work and play-
the duality of life,
22 is the most powerful of all numbers,
 turning dreams into reality.
222 is a triply digit, meaning it’s important!
It encourages taking a balanced
harmonious and peaceful stance in life.
What numbers do you see?
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October Full Moon in Aries, Harvest Moon

Full Moon Harvet Moon Moon Magic AStrology Venus Mars Astronomy
The Harvest Full Moon is in Aries, the fiery sign of individuality.
We are being asked to examine how we are responsible for the problems of this world, and how we are contributing to the recreation of a new world. How do we project our anger into the world? What can we learn from that? The stubborn self-interested energy of this Aries Moon is opposite to Sun in Libra, the sign of balance, groupthink. Challenging us to integrate the notions of Self and Other. From Separation to Unity. Passion meets Peace. Be mindful of the desire to act like things are “My way or the Highway”- our stubbornness is being called to light. Instead take a bigger look at the circumstances of life, and collaborate with the energies around us. Here we will find peace, we will achieve what we set out to do. Right now there is a lot of agressive energy looming worldwide. Look at the news headlines for the last couple weeks- how can we transmute this energy?
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The Art of Star Gazing

Star gazing is one of my favorite activities.
I love to take people stargazing for the first time- seeing their reactions to the wiggling of the stars, and connections and conversations that flow abundantly.
Star gazing goes a lot deeper than looking at the stars.
Star gazing is an experience, a form of art.
And it might change the way you see life
STAR gazing, Full Moon, Moonlight
When we look into the night sky, we are time travelers.
We travel to the past, into ancient light of stars billions of light years away.
How amazed would we be if we were able to see the stars as they actually are, right now?
STAR gazing, Full Moon, Moonlight
An argument I’ve heard -against the possibility of extraterrestrial life, is:
IF aliens exist- we would have discovered evidence of aliens in space by now.
My rebuttal:
 How could we know what is out there when we are looking into the past? Telescopes cannot see space in real time, because of how light travels across space time. 
Voyager 2, a space probe from Nasa, may have been hacked by aliens when it left our solar system and entered heliospace. The distant space craft began transmitting strange messages. Further investigation found that one line of binary code was changed from 0 to a 1- which could be a glitch or a hack.
I think it’s more probable that there are many aliens, within our own Galaxy- and across the Universe, who’ve come together to form intergalactic organizations, and they avoid making their presence known to worlds not capable of intergalactic travel. I think that would make a lot of sense, considering the youth of our own galaxy, and the relatively young age of our solar system within the Milky Way galaxy.
STAR gazing, Full Moon, Moonlight
Our Solar System itself is estimated to be just over 4.5 billion years old. Imagine how little you would know about our solar system if you were on another planet relying on the ancient light of our Sun? You may not even see any of the planets yet forming around our Sun!
I think for these reasons it’s important to be open to the possibility of life in space. I believe in life is out there, same as I believe life is on Earth. I’ve seen UFOs and had evidence of alien interactions throughout my life. 
STAR gazing, Full Moon, Moonlight
You might be wondering…
How do I get started with stargazing?
1. Find a secluded place. Somewhere away from the city and lights, so that you have a clear view of the stars in the sky. I like somewhere in nature, and meditate before.
2. Bring blankets, sleeping bags, and comfy stuff to lay down on. Added bonus bring snacks with you 🙂
3. Lay down down and look up at the sky.
Want to learn more about the art of Star Gazing? Come to our monthly Stargazing workshop tonight in Malibu Canyon! I can’t wait to see all of you Space Explorers, and share love under the stars!
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Full Moon in Scorpio May 2017

Full Moon in Scorpio Tonight 🌕🦂
Themes: Cleanse. Sexual Exploration. Passion.
What are you clinging to that no longer serves you? Is it an idea, a person, or maybe a career path?
The May Full Moon is a powerful time to shed cold winter baggage as we prepare for summer fun. Practice Cleaning Your Energy! The passionate empathic energy of Scorpio encourages us to Follow Our Intuition & Express Our Truth. Be mindful of resentment- Scorpio shadow energy. Be gentle with yourself and others, no matter how you feel. The Law states what we put out we receive times 3. Transform negativity to creativity. The ruler Scorpio is Pluto, God of birth and death, creation and transformation. Create, Express, and Speak The Truth about how you are feeling! Open Yourself To New Kinds Of Fun And New Kinds Of People. Scorpio energy is sensual and primal. If you feel explorative, don’t hold back! Let sexual energy flow and express itself over the course of this Lunar Cycle. Sexual Energy is more than the physical act of intercourse- it can be expressed simply as acknowledging what your sexual desires are! Full Moons signal a time to Let Go, to make room for blessings to manifest from the intentions you set at the last Scorpio New Moon in October. Be Brave & Let Go. XOXO! Leave a comment below with what YOU are releasing this cycle and I will burn your intention at our Full Moon Ceremony tonight. Good Luck Star Seeds!

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Full Moon in Virgo March 2017

Themes: Clean. Simplify. Release.

The Full Moon in Virgo provokes our Warrior Spirit. It is time for radical self healing, time to clean & organize all dimensions of our lives. The rise of the Divine Feminine, Joan of Arc archetypes are channeled by Virgo, the Virgin Maiden. Be mindful of old programming that may prevent you from accessing the entire spectrum of empowered feminine energy. Notice how your thinking influencing your interactions with feminine energy. It’s good to be soft, gentle, moody, and witty. Let it flow!

Virgo’s clean-it-up charisma reminds us that in order to be effective, we must clear space and put a structure in place. A Full Moon signals it’s time to let go, now is a good time to let something go in order to create space for something new. Tap into this powerful manifestation power with a pen and paper, and write down what no longer serves you. Burn this paper under the light of the moon, imagining yourself releasing that which no longer serves you. Let go. Surrender. Aho 🙏 May blessings and good wishes find you, Star Seeds!

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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo February 2017

Full Moon Eclipse Lunar Eclipse in Leo

Yesterday a comet whizzed by Earth during the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo 😽 Bringing with it fiery loving energy, it is a time to be noticed and praised with feline ferocity! But, don’t be blinded by the illusion of your separateness from the whole. Miracles are happening all around you. At times you may even feel responsible for their grace. Remember that miraculous things do not happen because of you, they happen through you and within the environment around you. Be mindful of your ego- don’t let it eclipse your relationships with Others. Leo energy on it’s shadow side can be Self-centered. Don’t take your Self too seriously right now. Remember that when you move in alignment with the force of Light, miracles like these are bound to happen.

🔥 Full Moons are a time for letting go, just as the moon will now shed her Light to go Dark. Prepare in your mind a thought that no longer serves you. Write this thought down, and with care, light it on fire. Let it go. This is Leo energy baby, play with a little fire today 🔥

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