Thrifting for Natural Fabrics

sustainability sustainable habits thrifting wool natural fabric
Now that it’s getting colder, I want more to layer with. I haven’t been clothes shopping in a while!
sustainability sustainable habits thrifting wool natural fabric
I put a special focus this year on reducing my impact on the environment and living more sustainably.
This trip I was looking for clothing made with ONLY natural materials.
When I found out the negative impacts of artificial fabric on the environment,
I began the process of clearing out all toxic / unnatural fibers from my wardrobe.
Polyester, Nylon, Rayon, and Acrylic are unnatural fabrics that contribute to global pollution. And … 

The fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world.

Second only to oil.
Toxic chemicals from the materials that make our clothes are dumped into streams and the ocean, polluting our ground water and global water supply.
I love fashion. But the more woke I become, the more I understand the impact of cheap fashion on our world. I decided to update my habits to support a healthier vision of the future, based on the facts. I want to share what I learned with you!
   sustainability sustainable habits thrifting wool natural fabric
On this thrifting trip, I was on the lookout for natural fabrics.
and I found some amazing natural clothing.
 sustainability sustainable habits thrifting wool natural fabric
A gorgeous embroidered deep blue Thai Silk lounge outfit, with baggy pants I had been looking for.
 sustainability sustainable habits thrifting wool natural fabric
A cozy green wool jacket with buttons.
sustainability sustainable habits thrifting wool natural fabric
And a graceful white cotton pullover.
I also decided to research natural materials.
I have mixed feelings about using animal products.
I avoid leather- except sustainably or second hand because vegan pleather is really really bad for the environment- plus some people eat cows and I would rather the whole animal go to use.
In my research I also learned that SILK involves killing millions of silk worms IN Their COCOONS to steal the material!
That hit me.
I love these blue silk pajamas, but I think I will avoid silk from now on.
The day after I researched this, a little cocoon popped up in my apartment!
I plan on making Malas soon- and the only options for sturdy string are Rayon (not so great for the environment) or Silk. I will have to meditate on how to do this one…
Wool and Cashmere can be taken from the animal without harming it, and actually helps groom the animals. Cotton and hemp come from plants, and are really my preferred material as long as they are sustainably sourced.
I can’t wait to finish cleaning out my wardrobe. I feel so much better in natural materials. 

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