The Yamas – Ahimsa

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Yoga is more than simply practicing the postures (called Asanas).

A true yogi follows the “8 Limbs of Yoga”, a practical application of philosophy, ethics, and energy work to obtain enlightenment.

One of the eight limbs is called the Yamas, which is a set of 5 ethical and moral philosophies regarding life.

Ahimsa is the yama for physical, mental, and emotional nonviolence.

This means avoiding gossip or intentionally hurting others with our words or actions.
Harmful thoughts, judgements, and criticisms of others, are damaging- even with good intentions. Ahimsa encourages the practice of compassion, understanding and letting go of the future outcomes. I surrender my frustrations, and allow Ahimsa to influence my daily practice, my flow in the world becomes one of peace. I am not perfect but I am making progress, and I find it easy to let things go without anger.
Ahimsa inspired me to practice Sat Ta Na Ma, a Buddhist mantra for compassion. This is one of my favorite mantras, and I chant it into many of my practices. One can shift the vibration of an entire space with Sa Ta Na Ma. Try it during your next meditation.




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