October Full Moon in Aries, Harvest Moon

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The Harvest Full Moon is in Aries, the fiery sign of individuality.
We are being asked to examine how we are responsible for the problems of this world, and how we are contributing to the recreation of a new world. How do we project our anger into the world? What can we learn from that? The stubborn self-interested energy of this Aries Moon is opposite to Sun in Libra, the sign of balance, groupthink. Challenging us to integrate the notions of Self and Other. From Separation to Unity. Passion meets Peace. Be mindful of the desire to act like things are “My way or the Highway”- our stubbornness is being called to light. Instead take a bigger look at the circumstances of life, and collaborate with the energies around us. Here we will find peace, we will achieve what we set out to do. Right now there is a lot of agressive energy looming worldwide. Look at the news headlines for the last couple weeks- how can we transmute this energy?

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