Yoga to Open and Relax the Shoulders


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If you never heal,
you end up bleeding on people who didn’t hurt you. “


A lot of our stress streams from our minds, to manifest in our shoulders and upper back. When I see people are walking around with really tight traps and upper back muscles, I wonder if they ever truly relax. These simple asanas do an amazing job to release shoulder tension.

Directions: Grab a couple blocks or books 📚
Place one block horizontal and flat, grab another block, set it perpendicular to the first block on its highest setting. Line up the upper spine with the elevated block. Lay back for 3 mins.
Pose 2: Lay a block horizontal and flat, place another block on top on its highest setting. Line up between your shoulders with the blocks. Lay back on the block, feeling upper back open and release. Lay back for 2 mins. .

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