3 Simple Techniques for Anxiety, Depression and PTSD

Healer Healing Meditation Witchcraft Anxiety Depression PTSD

I may seem happy and uplifting all of the time, especially on social media, but in my real life that is not always the case. Some days are harder than others, some days I still wake up struggling with depression, and anxiety.

In the earlier stage of my healing, I was more reactive to triggers. It was challenging to be in social settings because often the simplest interaction triggered memories of the trauma, and anxious thoughts followed. I felt exposed- aware of the dark sad thoughts- and I felt like everyone else knew I was in the dark too. Being in that space, I discovered simple techniques to bring in the support and safety to bring myself back to center.
Here are 3 easy ways to call in love, support and strength when you’re suffering:

1. Talk to friends about what you are feeling. If you feel uncomfortable, or if you’re in your mind and disconnected from what’s going on around you, reach out to a friend and let them know, in a chill manner, how you are feeling. People don’t always understand that someone’s silence, distracted behavior, confusion or sluggishness comes from battling depression, PTSD or an anxiety attack. Letting people know you need their support can ease the anxiety attack.

2. Take slow, deep breaths filling your lungs, focusing on feeling your feet grounded and supported underneath you. This will ground you in the present moment. Connection with breath is connection to Universe and Oneness. Imagine you are breathing in the most relaxing fresh healing air and you will relax. The stronger your imagination is, the better this will work.

3. Stand in a confident posture, such as a Power Pose. We are electrical machines. When our minds close off, our bodies mirror it. Consciously opening up the body will redirect your flow of energy, triggering the release of happier hormones elevating your mood. Jumping up and down in small hops elevates my mood instantly- because it wakes up the brain. If you feel silly doing this, it’s working.

I hope this helps you, dear star seeds. Comment or DM me if you have questions or experiences! Have a beautiful Moonday!

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3 Incredibly Easy Eco-Friendly Habits

When I realized
my habits
were responsible
for the pollution and garbage we see today,
I shifted to better choices

for the environment and myself.

Consumer trends have a huge impact on the market.
If no one buys a product, it will not continue to be made.
#SOLUTIONS is a segment of Cult Intuition for sustainable life made simple.
Today’s topic…
3 Easy Eco-Friendly Habits.
3 simple, eco-friendly habits to reduce your impact on the environment.
    The climate of our planet is shifting, our oceans are filling up with trash and litter. We play a huge part in this cycle. Instead of asking corporations to change, let’s change our habits and make the shift happen. The Earth is just as alive as we are- her consciousness more massive than our lil nuggets. Let’s honor this connection and treat her with care and respect. Here are 3 habits to help our mama.
1) Shop Local or At Farmers Markets
    Take weekly farmers markets trips versus ur grocery shopping experience. You save packaging waste by skipping grocery stores. And it saves money- I get better prices on organic veggies from my local farmers than at the grocery store.
If you can’t make it to the Farmer’s Market, try to exclusively purchase locally grown fruits and veggies. Freight shipping food substantially contributes to carbon emissions and climate change. 
2) Save And Reuse Containers
When I see thousands of ZipLoc bags and Plastic Containers at someones place, and see in the trash containers, glass jars, etc so much stuff they could use instead. I wonder- Why? Why make this waste? This waste is choking dolphins, it is filling landfills with mess that will never go away.
up-cycle, conscious lifestyle, no waste, zero waste
When I realized how convenient it is to reuse containers, I started saving every container, glass jar etc. Glass is better for our health than plastic anyway.
Reusing containers makes me mindful when I buy food. Now I check to see if the packaging is recyclable. I don’t buy plastic food containers. I reuse plastic and paper grocery bags instead of buying trashbags. I up-cycle glass jars to store premade food, organize office materials, anything I can do with them.
It makes pre-making food much easier. Which leads us to our last tip…
3) Pre-Make Your Meals
    It might surprise you how much money and waste you save by making your own food. Super cheap instant meals comes wrapped in like 3 layers of plastic and cardboard. Thats a lot of trash going into the Ocean or a Landfill. Ditch the junk for a healthier self and Earth!
You are what you eat. Don’t be cheap or easy!
healthy lifestle, conscious living, ideas, sustainability, homemade
    It’s really easy to Prep a week’s worth of meals- it just takes about an hour one evening. So Pause The Netflix or Bring It Into The Kitchen With You- because it’s time to get crafty.
Recipe Ideas for Recycled Jars:
    -Overnight Oats
    -Chopped Veggies
-Nut Mixes
-Fruit/Veggie Bases for Smoothies
Use your imagination with these jars. I’ve started making my own jam and salsa. It’s easy!
This is how I added these 3 simple changes into my weekly life.
I pick the food I want for the week before I shop. I usually have left overs if I am cooking for myself, and when i plan it out this way, my food lasts over a week. Most food we crave breaks down into the same or similar ingredients. It’s easy to tweak a preplanned meal if we suddenly crave something else that week. Also this is a good way to eat a balance of nutrients.
I go to the Farmer’s Market on Sunday or Thursday and pick up the food stuff.
I get home, and I chop up 5-6 servings of veggies and place them in jars in my fridge. I make a jar of overnight oats for breakfast,
and I blend a mixture of beets and carrots to use in my smoothies for the week. That’s breakfast, lunch and dinner prepared for.
This makes it easy to make a meal in a rush. And when I make food, I store the leftovers in jars.
It makes cooking at home easier- there’s no prep and I can slam foods together and make a delicious Curry Meal with rice and veggies in 10 mins flat.
I hope these 3 simple habits inspire you.
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The Art of Star Gazing

Star gazing is one of my favorite activities.
I love to take people stargazing for the first time- seeing their reactions to the wiggling of the stars, and connections and conversations that flow abundantly.
Star gazing goes a lot deeper than looking at the stars.
Star gazing is an experience, a form of art.
And it might change the way you see life
STAR gazing, Full Moon, Moonlight
When we look into the night sky, we are time travelers.
We travel to the past, into ancient light of stars billions of light years away.
How amazed would we be if we were able to see the stars as they actually are, right now?
STAR gazing, Full Moon, Moonlight
An argument I’ve heard -against the possibility of extraterrestrial life, is:
IF aliens exist- we would have discovered evidence of aliens in space by now.
My rebuttal:
 How could we know what is out there when we are looking into the past? Telescopes cannot see space in real time, because of how light travels across space time. 
Voyager 2, a space probe from Nasa, may have been hacked by aliens when it left our solar system and entered heliospace. The distant space craft began transmitting strange messages. Further investigation found that one line of binary code was changed from 0 to a 1- which could be a glitch or a hack.
I think it’s more probable that there are many aliens, within our own Galaxy- and across the Universe, who’ve come together to form intergalactic organizations, and they avoid making their presence known to worlds not capable of intergalactic travel. I think that would make a lot of sense, considering the youth of our own galaxy, and the relatively young age of our solar system within the Milky Way galaxy.
STAR gazing, Full Moon, Moonlight
Our Solar System itself is estimated to be just over 4.5 billion years old. Imagine how little you would know about our solar system if you were on another planet relying on the ancient light of our Sun? You may not even see any of the planets yet forming around our Sun!
I think for these reasons it’s important to be open to the possibility of life in space. I believe in life is out there, same as I believe life is on Earth. I’ve seen UFOs and had evidence of alien interactions throughout my life. 
STAR gazing, Full Moon, Moonlight
You might be wondering…
How do I get started with stargazing?
1. Find a secluded place. Somewhere away from the city and lights, so that you have a clear view of the stars in the sky. I like somewhere in nature, and meditate before.
2. Bring blankets, sleeping bags, and comfy stuff to lay down on. Added bonus bring snacks with you 🙂
3. Lay down down and look up at the sky.
Want to learn more about the art of Star Gazing? Come to our monthly Stargazing workshop tonight in Malibu Canyon! I can’t wait to see all of you Space Explorers, and share love under the stars!
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June Full Moon in Sagittarius

June Full Moon Strawberry Full Moon

🌕Strawberry Full Moon in Sagittarius🌕
The Archer ♐️ The Seeker of Truth
Themes: Freedom. Connection. Positive Growth.

How can you use your TRUTH to manifest your DESIRES? The path to wisdom and truth is a path of balance.
#Sagittarius, the Archer, is focused on their target. They do not miss. Be mindful of where your attention goes- stay focused! We all love the experience of the music that comes from the energetic strings of our bonds to family and friends, but what lessons have you learned within these relationships in regards to our compassion, love and values? Expect extra luck and balance in our connections to others and pursuing our passions! Discover what security, sensuality and silliness mean to you! Gather together tonight with loved ones tonight, practice yoga, dance and open your mind… under the light of the Strawberry Moon 🌕🍓✨ Join me tonight at Dockweiler Fire Pits for laughter meditation, hoop flow and a bonfire this lovely Strawberry Full Moon 🍓🍓🍓✨ Address: 12000 Vista Del Mar, Playa Del Ray 90293

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6 Wonderful Stretches to Relieve Shoulder Tension

Eagle Arms, Asana, Yoga Pose, Shoulder Stretch, Guide For Shoulders, How To Relax Shoulders, Shoulder Tension, Relaxation, Yogi
Hello beautiful star seeds!
If you’re like me, we spend a lot of our time working at a desk, staring into a computer screen, shoulders tense, typing clicking typing…
Our bodies adjust to the discomfort. Our shoulders get tense. We get tense.
Let’s care of ourselves and unwind our bodies from work torture. Today I’m going to show you 6 shoulder stretches to relieve upper back and shoulder tension.
One of my favorite ways to relax is through stretching my shoulders to release shoulder tension. Releasing shoulder tension is simply a pleasure with yoga.
These are my top 6 stretches for tight shoulders that you can do anywhere, anytime.
As always, it’s best to warm up first with a few round of Sun A and B, and chaturanga.
1) Extended Puppy Pose
Uttana Shishosana
Puppy Pose, Yoga Pose, Shoulder Stretch, Guide For Shoulders, How To Relax Shoulders, Shoulder Tension, Relaxation, Yogi
A cross between childs pose and down dog. It feels good across the collar bone and upper back.


  • Good for calming mind. 
  • Improves posture.
  • Spine lengthener, shoulder opener.
Practice: Come into table top, with your knees hips distance. Extend arms forward, palms shoulder width apart, forehead rests on ground or block. Take deep breaths. Hang out for 30 seconds – 1 min.
2) Dolphin Pose
 Ardha Pincha Mayurasana
 Dolphin Pose, Dolphin, Yoga Pose, Shoulder Stretch, Guide For Shoulders, How To Relax Shoulders, Shoulder Tension, Relaxation, Yogi
Great upper body stabilizer. Opens back of shoulders, widens collar bones. Really good pose if you’re learning inversions.


  • Relieves digestive and menstrual issues
  • Calms the mind and relieves stress
  • Strengthens arms and shoulders while broadening upper back and lengthening the spine

Practice: Start in Down Dog. Bend arms and come onto forearms. Release neck in a straight line with your back. Press through elbows. Hold 45 secs – couple mins.

3) Half Frog Pose
Ardha Bhekasana 
Ardha Bhekasana, Half Frog, Yoga Pose, Shoulder Stretch, Guide For Shoulders, How To Relax Shoulders, Shoulder Tension, Relaxation, Yogi
Relaxing shoulder opener. Also massages stomach and digestive organs. Easy stretch to do when you wake up or winding down before you go to bed. Did I mention this pose is super relaxing?


  • Stretches entire front body, arms chest stomach groin psoas thighs and calves
  • Improves posture
  • Stimulates stomach organs 
Practice: Lay down on your stomach. Knees apart. Come up in sphinx pose. Bend one leg, and reach back with matching hand. Grab the ankle or toes and look forward. Hold 30 secs – 1 min. Switch legs. Do both at same time if possible.
4) Wheel Pose (or modify with Bridge Pose)
 Wheel Pose, Yoga Pose, Shoulder Stretch, Guide For Shoulders, How To Relax Shoulders, Shoulder Tension, Relaxation, Yogi
A wonderful way to open your heart is with the Wheel (for modification please do Bridge Pose). When I learned how to dropback into Wheel, I started doing it everywhere. It feels so good, my heart gets a rush and a tingle, and my arms and chest feel really good and open.


  • Stretches chest and lungs.
  • Strengthens our arms, wrists, legs, butts, and abs.
  • Stimulates Thyroid Gland (good for those of us with thyroid differences!)
  • Increases energy and fights depression

Practice: Start in bridge pose. Press pelvis up. Flip palms face down and plant them next to your shoulders. Press up. Be mindful that feet face forwards and do not turn out (turn out will compress your lower spine). Take 6-8 slow deep breaths. Slowly lower down, mindful of head, roll body in a ball. Roll for recovery.

5) Partner Stretch
 Partner Stretch, Acro Yoga Partner Stretch, Acro Yoga Partner Stretch, Acro Yoga


  • Stretches chest and shoulders
  • Person to Person contact is healing 
  • Powerful heart opener and mood booster.

Practice: Sit back to back with a friend. Cactus arms out. Interlock forearms and palms. Take a deep breath. On the exhale, partner b leans backward as partner a leans forward, stretching partner b. Take 3 breaths. Return to upright and repeat to stretch partner a. 

6) Eagle Arms Pose
 Eagle Arms, Asana, Yoga Pose, Shoulder Stretch, Guide For Shoulders, How To Relax Shoulders, Shoulder Tension, Relaxation, Yogi

This is probably my favorite stretch for shoulder/back pain caused by computer posture. Half eagle, just the arms. It opens you up!


  • Powerful shoulder opener 
  • Stretches between shoulder blades
  • Relieves tension and pain 

Practice: Standing or sitting, stretch and reach arms up on inhale. Exhale arms extended in front of you. Bend elbows. Lift and wrap right forearm over left. Press palms together. Chin should be straight. Lift elbows while pressing palms. Feel the relief!

I sincerely hope these stretches open up your shoulders! Please incorporate these wonderful asanas into your daily practice. In time you’ll feel more relaxed and loose in your shoulders, and hopefully your emotionally state as well! 

Lots of love and light to you, space explorers!


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Master Your Vibe: The Power Pose

I don’t know about you, but these last few weeks have been intense. My mother’s twin sister unexpectedly passed away, and a week later her brother passed. Around the same time I found out my dad has cancer. As I am writing this, my younger sister is visiting on her way to move to Hawaii, and I feel so grateful to spend time with her, I’m just focused on creating good memories of fun adventures on Earth. Keeping my vibe high!
Life happens. I regain peace of mind by being proactive for my mental health and wellbeing. Fortunately we have yoga, and we can learn different poses (asanas) to keep our minds thoughtfully thoughtless, and open to meditative state of awareness and gratitude.
The first time I read about Power Poses was googling natural ways to stop an anxiety attack in public without medicine. I read about the Superman pose, and i remember trying it for the first time in a Personality course in college. There was a lot of class participation, which triggered my anxiety. A few times, I tried this pose in the bathroom when I felt an attack coming. It helped ease my sympathetic nervous system, stopping the shaking, sweating, and stammering.
Toward the end of my degree, i learned there is an extensive amount of research on the benefits of yoga. Researchers have found that yoga can alter our mental states, even more so than medication. This is because our bodies are connected to our mind, through our nervous system. When we stand in certain positions, it triggers a release of hormones in our brain, altering the state of our mind.
This has huge implications for treating depression and anxiety- but you’d be hard pressed to hear about these kinds of treatments in the main stream- because of the way we treat health in America…
Try these 5 powerful power poses to instantly improve your mood, to give you a general sense of empowerment and well being.
  1. The Superman
This pose is will have you feeling pretty fantastic, and ready for any challenge. Stand with your feet should width apart. Put your hands on your hips, elbows bent. Back is straight, shoulders relaxed, ribs in line with hips. Take 5 deep breaths. Repeat the Mantra: I am Powerful. Nothing can stop me.
  1. Pose of Gratitude
Gratitude is one of the highest vibrational emotions that can be felt. When your attitude is gratitude, you generate an empowering vibration that attracts abundance. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Take a deep breath and raise your arms above your head in a V formation. Tilt your gaze to the sky, and say thank you five times, with five deep breaths.
  1. Pose of Receiving
If we are open to receive the blessings the world has to offer, we shall. Ready yourself to receive. Stand shoulder width a part. Stretch arms outward, palms up. Feel energy coming into you. Breathe deeply 3-5 times. Repeat the Mantra: I am Ready to Receive.
  1. Pose of Joy
Stand shoulder width a part. Stretch arms outward to either side, thumbs up. Stand like this for 4-5 breaths Repeat the Mantra: I am a Being of Boundless Light and Compassion, filled with Joy.
  1. Pose of Calm
This pose will any bad mood. Stand should width a part, knees slightly bent. Hands in prayer over heart. Close eyes, or gaze at your finger tips. Breathe deep eyes closed 4-5 times. Silently repeat the mantra: My Inner Peace Is Unshakeable.
I hope these poses bring you a sense of calm and wellness. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me on Instagram or in the comments! Have a blessed day, Star Seeds!
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Full Moon in Scorpio May 2017

Full Moon in Scorpio Tonight 🌕🦂
Themes: Cleanse. Sexual Exploration. Passion.
What are you clinging to that no longer serves you? Is it an idea, a person, or maybe a career path?
The May Full Moon is a powerful time to shed cold winter baggage as we prepare for summer fun. Practice Cleaning Your Energy! The passionate empathic energy of Scorpio encourages us to Follow Our Intuition & Express Our Truth. Be mindful of resentment- Scorpio shadow energy. Be gentle with yourself and others, no matter how you feel. The Law states what we put out we receive times 3. Transform negativity to creativity. The ruler Scorpio is Pluto, God of birth and death, creation and transformation. Create, Express, and Speak The Truth about how you are feeling! Open Yourself To New Kinds Of Fun And New Kinds Of People. Scorpio energy is sensual and primal. If you feel explorative, don’t hold back! Let sexual energy flow and express itself over the course of this Lunar Cycle. Sexual Energy is more than the physical act of intercourse- it can be expressed simply as acknowledging what your sexual desires are! Full Moons signal a time to Let Go, to make room for blessings to manifest from the intentions you set at the last Scorpio New Moon in October. Be Brave & Let Go. XOXO! Leave a comment below with what YOU are releasing this cycle and I will burn your intention at our Full Moon Ceremony tonight. Good Luck Star Seeds!

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Solutions: Thrifting for Sustainable Clothing

Thrift Store Thrifting

Living that #NotMyPresident lifestyle anyone?

This blog mini-series is called Solutions. I’m going to show you the most effective and simplest ways to live a life of protest for the good our planet. By making tiny adjustments in our lifestyle, we can significantly reduce energy consumption and help stop climate change.

Today’s Solution is Thrifting!

Good Will Thrift Store Goodwill Thrifting Fashion Shopping
Outfit made possible by Goodwill

Did you know that the fashion industry is one of the top contributors to climate change? The fashion industry is also creating irreversible damage to our global water supply- from toxic dyes used to make clothing.

Did you know the US makes up the largest percentage of the global market for clothing?! As the primary consumers of this market, WE have the biggest impact on this pollution. Real change will start with us!

This lifehack is easy. Do not spend your hard earned money on cheap and quick fashion. Be educated of where your clothing comes from. Upcycle more. Donate or give away old clothing. Thrift. Shop local, handmade. Shop eco-friendly.

If enough people do this, we will inspire brands to find new, environmentally sustainable ways to produce their clothing.

Thrifting is a lot of fun. You never know WHAT you’ll find thrifting. There are always brands we love, in good condition and at a great price. People discover designer digs while thrifting all the time, you know.

Maybe your community hosts a monthly or weekly flea market. If you’re lucky, you’ll score some really sick vintage finds, or find new local art you fall in love with. I go to Melrose Trading Post on Fairfax and Melrose on Sundays, and I’ve scored some really unique handmade / vintage home goods, clothes, shoes and jewelry!

Last year, I decided to stop purchasing “new”, unless it was locally made, sustainably sourced, thrifted, up-cycled or handmade. The first couple of months were hard, but then when I got serious and focused on the intentions of my shopping actions, I started to manifest all of the furniture I wanted, second hand and as gifts! I haven’t looked back on shopping new.

Good Will Thrift Store Goodwill Thrifting Fashion Shopping Fashion Outfit Of The Day OOTD
Pants by Thrifting. Sweater was gifted. Top is made from recycled water bottles.
Good Will Thrift Store Goodwill Thrifting Fashion Shopping
My most recent haul from Goodwill in Hollywood
I’d always wanted prismatic shoes. I found these thrifting.

The vibe of my wardrobe shifted when I minimized my stuff and started shopping with better intentions. My style is eclectic, it’s different- and I get excited to tell people how I find the clothes I wear. I give away clothes I don’t wear, I clear out my closet every year to local thrift stores, and I try not to shop that often. I like having a versatile wardrobe, with a few long-term quality handmade pieces.

Try this fun life hack for a couple months, I’d love to hear about the magic YOU discover! Tell me in the comments!


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Full Moon in Virgo March 2017

Themes: Clean. Simplify. Release.

The Full Moon in Virgo provokes our Warrior Spirit. It is time for radical self healing, time to clean & organize all dimensions of our lives. The rise of the Divine Feminine, Joan of Arc archetypes are channeled by Virgo, the Virgin Maiden. Be mindful of old programming that may prevent you from accessing the entire spectrum of empowered feminine energy. Notice how your thinking influencing your interactions with feminine energy. It’s good to be soft, gentle, moody, and witty. Let it flow!

Virgo’s clean-it-up charisma reminds us that in order to be effective, we must clear space and put a structure in place. A Full Moon signals it’s time to let go, now is a good time to let something go in order to create space for something new. Tap into this powerful manifestation power with a pen and paper, and write down what no longer serves you. Burn this paper under the light of the moon, imagining yourself releasing that which no longer serves you. Let go. Surrender. Aho 🙏 May blessings and good wishes find you, Star Seeds!

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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo February 2017

Full Moon Eclipse Lunar Eclipse in Leo

Yesterday a comet whizzed by Earth during the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo 😽 Bringing with it fiery loving energy, it is a time to be noticed and praised with feline ferocity! But, don’t be blinded by the illusion of your separateness from the whole. Miracles are happening all around you. At times you may even feel responsible for their grace. Remember that miraculous things do not happen because of you, they happen through you and within the environment around you. Be mindful of your ego- don’t let it eclipse your relationships with Others. Leo energy on it’s shadow side can be Self-centered. Don’t take your Self too seriously right now. Remember that when you move in alignment with the force of Light, miracles like these are bound to happen.

🔥 Full Moons are a time for letting go, just as the moon will now shed her Light to go Dark. Prepare in your mind a thought that no longer serves you. Write this thought down, and with care, light it on fire. Let it go. This is Leo energy baby, play with a little fire today 🔥

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