3 Incredibly Easy Eco-Friendly Habits

When I realized
my habits
were responsible
for the pollution and garbage we see today,
I shifted to better choices

for the environment and myself.

Consumer trends have a huge impact on the market.
If no one buys a product, it will not continue to be made.
#SOLUTIONS is a segment of Cult Intuition for sustainable life made simple.
Today’s topic…
3 Easy Eco-Friendly Habits.
3 simple, eco-friendly habits to reduce your impact on the environment.
    The climate of our planet is shifting, our oceans are filling up with trash and litter. We play a huge part in this cycle. Instead of asking corporations to change, let’s change our habits and make the shift happen. The Earth is just as alive as we are- her consciousness more massive than our lil nuggets. Let’s honor this connection and treat her with care and respect. Here are 3 habits to help our mama.
1) Shop Local or At Farmers Markets
    Take weekly farmers markets trips versus ur grocery shopping experience. You save packaging waste by skipping grocery stores. And it saves money- I get better prices on organic veggies from my local farmers than at the grocery store.
If you can’t make it to the Farmer’s Market, try to exclusively purchase locally grown fruits and veggies. Freight shipping food substantially contributes to carbon emissions and climate change. 
2) Save And Reuse Containers
When I see thousands of ZipLoc bags and Plastic Containers at someones place, and see in the trash containers, glass jars, etc so much stuff they could use instead. I wonder- Why? Why make this waste? This waste is choking dolphins, it is filling landfills with mess that will never go away.
up-cycle, conscious lifestyle, no waste, zero waste
When I realized how convenient it is to reuse containers, I started saving every container, glass jar etc. Glass is better for our health than plastic anyway.
Reusing containers makes me mindful when I buy food. Now I check to see if the packaging is recyclable. I don’t buy plastic food containers. I reuse plastic and paper grocery bags instead of buying trashbags. I up-cycle glass jars to store premade food, organize office materials, anything I can do with them.
It makes pre-making food much easier. Which leads us to our last tip…
3) Pre-Make Your Meals
    It might surprise you how much money and waste you save by making your own food. Super cheap instant meals comes wrapped in like 3 layers of plastic and cardboard. Thats a lot of trash going into the Ocean or a Landfill. Ditch the junk for a healthier self and Earth!
You are what you eat. Don’t be cheap or easy!
healthy lifestle, conscious living, ideas, sustainability, homemade
    It’s really easy to Prep a week’s worth of meals- it just takes about an hour one evening. So Pause The Netflix or Bring It Into The Kitchen With You- because it’s time to get crafty.
Recipe Ideas for Recycled Jars:
    -Overnight Oats
    -Chopped Veggies
-Nut Mixes
-Fruit/Veggie Bases for Smoothies
Use your imagination with these jars. I’ve started making my own jam and salsa. It’s easy!
This is how I added these 3 simple changes into my weekly life.
I pick the food I want for the week before I shop. I usually have left overs if I am cooking for myself, and when i plan it out this way, my food lasts over a week. Most food we crave breaks down into the same or similar ingredients. It’s easy to tweak a preplanned meal if we suddenly crave something else that week. Also this is a good way to eat a balance of nutrients.
I go to the Farmer’s Market on Sunday or Thursday and pick up the food stuff.
I get home, and I chop up 5-6 servings of veggies and place them in jars in my fridge. I make a jar of overnight oats for breakfast,
and I blend a mixture of beets and carrots to use in my smoothies for the week. That’s breakfast, lunch and dinner prepared for.
This makes it easy to make a meal in a rush. And when I make food, I store the leftovers in jars.
It makes cooking at home easier- there’s no prep and I can slam foods together and make a delicious Curry Meal with rice and veggies in 10 mins flat.
I hope these 3 simple habits inspire you.
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