Foods That Make Sex Hotter and Wetter

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Did you know food can make sex better ⁉️
Foods high in certain nutrients and minerals improve your sex life by sustaining your sex drive, increasing your arousal, and promoting a healthy libido.

🌱 The mineral Zinc may boost testosterone, by helping block the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. Testosterone is a hormone linked to higher sex drives in both men and women. Pumpkin seeds are a good source of zinc.
🌱 Estrogen has been shown to help a woman’s sexual organs lubricate and secrete more fluids. It is found in soy!
🌱Good circulation with open blood vessels enhances sexual arousal and intense orgasms. Walnuts and bell peppers both contain amino acids and vitamins that dilate blood vessels and promote increased circulation to give us an extra boost in the bedroom. Watermelons contain a phytonutrient which opens the blood vessels to our sex organs.
🌱 Omega 3’s have been shown to improve sexual arousal, libido, and stamina. Foods that are high in omega 3’s include walnuts.
🌱 Higher levels of the hormone prolactin is linked to reduced sexual desire in both women and men, and sexual function in men. Vitamin B6 helps the regulation of prolactin. B6 also increases our energy, which helps during sex. It can be found in avocados.
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How To Avoid EMF Radiation from Cell Phones

Put your phone on airplane mode to reduce EMF exposure while you sleep. 
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Phones are constantly sending out radio waves to connect to WiFi, cellular service and Bluetooth, creating electro magnetic field (EMF) radiation. If your phone is near you while you sleep, which is the case for most of us, put it on airplane mode before you go to sleep to avoid EMF radiation.
Other tips include:
Putting your calls on speaker phone or using headphones during a call, instead of placing the phone directly against your head.
Stay cool  🙏🏼♥️
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