Have You Heard of Numerology?

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222, 2222, 22,
I keep seeing 2’s all day.
Numbers hold significant meaning,
this study is called Numerology.
Without language to describe what’s going on,
math would still exist.
Mathematics is the only universal language.
If you believe in Spirit, God, Source-
you know there is manifest
a consciousness that permeates all time/space.
When a certain number is relevant in our lives,
it means we’re tapping into deeper realms of existence
to receive messages.
2 is the number of balance
in friendships, relationships, work and play-
the duality of life,
22 is the most powerful of all numbers,
 turning dreams into reality.
222 is a triply digit, meaning it’s important!
It encourages taking a balanced
harmonious and peaceful stance in life.
What numbers do you see?

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