Cult Intuition “Confirmed” Alien Species

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Aliens exist.
I started having experiences when I was a child,
orbs of light from the sky-
a metallic orb at my window-
visitors who don’t look quite human
and it’s like they can read my mind.

Through researching my own experiences with aliens, documented public cases of interactions, and more- I believe many beings exist on Earth, and on other frequencies. Below are the species I believe exist, scroll further for descriptions of each. Particularly the Arcturians, Pleadians and the Greys/Zeta Reticulan- I have had several experiences leading me to believe in the existence of these beings. There are probably many more alien species existing- life in space is diverse.

The Greys
The Zeta Reticulan
The Reptilians
The Pleiadians
The Arcturians “Tall Whites”
A blue tall avian-like alien,
and bat-like aliens.

as well there may be an ancient species known as the Lyrans.

There also may be an intergalactic federation, comprised of over 22 million aliens from across the Universe called the Galactic Federation of Light. Bashar is one of the aliens in command, and has been transmitting messages to Earth via channel Darryl Enka. I had an interesting experience with the mention of Bashar, during a night out of wishmaking coming true.

The more we learn about the Earth, we discover human history may be much older than we imagined– we’ve even discovered our ancestors were capable of advanced mathematics and technology.

Evidence of extraterrestrial encounters are cited in various ancient religious texts, and tribal cultures, including one of the oldest of all: the Vedas. In my opinion, it’s safe to assume species of extraterrestrials have influenced the development of our species throughout history.

Descriptions of Extraterrestrial Species

arcturians the greys aliens extraterrestrial
Image From Wikimedia Commons

The Greys
Small to Large beings with the classic large black eyes.
Reportedly have three or four fingers,
Colors range from white to deep gray.
Hive mind. Telepathic communication.
Benevolent to Hostile.

The Zeta Reticulan
Advanced species.
Related to the Greys.
Small to medium height, large black eyes, small noses and mouth.
Verbal or telepathic communication.
Capable of time travel and advanced travel.
Benevolent to Neutral.

The Reptilians
Large, reptile-like beings.
Very intelligent. Often misunderstood.
Also can be very agressive.
Benevolent to Agressive.

The Pleiadians
Tall beings, human-like with light color hair and eyes
Peaceful, dimensional light beings from Pleiades star system.
Can communicate telepathically over great distances.

The Arcturians
Beings from Bootes constellation.
Blueish, alien-like large green eyes. In other dimensions, appear to be tall Arian race humanoids.
Light beings.

Blue Avian Aliens
Humanoid 8ft Tall
Bright Blue Feathers
They can teleport, and exist multi-dimensionally

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