Introduction to Chakras and a Healing Chakra Meditation

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What are Chakras / Chakra? How do I heal my chakras?
Our body has 7 centers of energy along our spine. These are called the Chakras. Our life energy flows up and down our spine through these Chakras. Chakra literally means “Wheel”- imagine life energy as water flowing through water mill. If we have a blocked Chakra, the energy cannot flow and we experience disease, frustration and stress. Clear away this stagnant energy by practicing yoga, mudra and mantra to vibrate and open up these centers of energy along your spine. Chakra Healing is one of my favorite therapies,
When I dance, when I move my hips, I imagine an orange hoop of light circling around me. Simple visualizations like this can heal and activate our chakra centers. We already know which Chakras are blocked after we research them, and if we are willing to try- we can heal them.
Muladhara aka ROOT Chakra – Located at the base of the tale bone.
Color is Red.
Feelings of Safety, Trust.
The Root chakra is associated with Earth element.
Svadhistana aka SACRAL Chakra – Located under the belly button region.
Color is Orange.
Feelings of Sexuality, Creativity, and Connection to Others.
The Sacral Chakra is connected to the Water Element.
Manipura aka SOLARPLEXUS Chakra – Located at your stomach.
Color is Yellow.
Feelings of Confidence, Self Efficacy
The Solar Plexus Chakra is associated with the Fire Element.
Anahata aka HEART Chakra – Located at your heart ❤️.
Color is GREEN.
Feelings of Love, Self Love
The Heart Chakra is associated with the Air Element.
Vishudda aka#THROAT Chakra – Located at the base of your throat.
Color is LIGHT BLUE.
Feelings of Communication, Self Expression
Ajna aka THIRDEYE 👁 Chakra – Located center of your forehead.
Color is PURPLE.
Feelings of Psychic Ability, Intuition
Crown Chakra Connection to Source. Divine Intelligence. Cord of Light.
Color is White, Or Deep Blue
Feelings of Oneness. Serenity. Creativity. Inspiration.


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