3 Simple Techniques for Anxiety, Depression and PTSD

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I may seem happy and uplifting all of the time, especially on social media, but in my real life that is not always the case. Some days are harder than others, some days I still wake up struggling with depression, and anxiety.

In the earlier stage of my healing, I was more reactive to triggers. It was challenging to be in social settings because often the simplest interaction triggered memories of the trauma, and anxious thoughts followed. I felt exposed- aware of the dark sad thoughts- and I felt like everyone else knew I was in the dark too. Being in that space, I discovered simple techniques to bring in the support and safety to bring myself back to center.
Here are 3 easy ways to call in love, support and strength when you’re suffering:

1. Talk to friends about what you are feeling. If you feel uncomfortable, or if you’re in your mind and disconnected from what’s going on around you, reach out to a friend and let them know, in a chill manner, how you are feeling. People don’t always understand that someone’s silence, distracted behavior, confusion or sluggishness comes from battling depression, PTSD or an anxiety attack. Letting people know you need their support can ease the anxiety attack.

2. Take slow, deep breaths filling your lungs, focusing on feeling your feet grounded and supported underneath you. This will ground you in the present moment. Connection with breath is connection to Universe and Oneness. Imagine you are breathing in the most relaxing fresh healing air and you will relax. The stronger your imagination is, the better this will work.

3. Stand in a confident posture, such as a Power Pose. We are electrical machines. When our minds close off, our bodies mirror it. Consciously opening up the body will redirect your flow of energy, triggering the release of happier hormones elevating your mood. Jumping up and down in small hops elevates my mood instantly- because it wakes up the brain. If you feel silly doing this, it’s working.

I hope this helps you, dear star seeds. Comment or DM me if you have questions or experiences! Have a beautiful Moonday!

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