How To Avoid EMF Radiation from Cell Phones

Put your phone on airplane mode to reduce EMF exposure while you sleep. 
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Phones are constantly sending out radio waves to connect to WiFi, cellular service and Bluetooth, creating electro magnetic field (EMF) radiation. If your phone is near you while you sleep, which is the case for most of us, put it on airplane mode before you go to sleep to avoid EMF radiation.
Other tips include:
Putting your calls on speaker phone or using headphones during a call, instead of placing the phone directly against your head.
Stay cool  🙏🏼♥️
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How To Heal Your Acne With Kombucha

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Kombucha is one of my Go-To remedies for acne breakouts.

Acne is painful and stressful. The best remedy I have found so far to cure recurrent breakouts is my diet. Kombucha is one drink in particular that helped restore my skin after I suffer from an extreme acne breakout. 

Kombucha is a fermented drink with live cultures and probiotics.

After I drink Kombucha I instantly feel healthier with more energy, and by the next day my skin is clearer. 

Acne can be caused by an overgrowth of Candida BACTERIA in the gut. 

We might break out after eating a lot of fried or sugary foods because fats and sugars feed candida bacteria. 
Kombucha has live cultures that attack colonies of candida, to restore us back to health. Kombucha tastes just like soda, sweet with no sugar.
I love @GTsKombucha in Tantric Turmeric for acne especially, because Turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory and antibacterial plant based medicine.

More Potential Benefits of Drinking Kombucha

-Clearer Skin
-Healthier Gut Biome
-Arthritis Prevention
-Cancer Prevention
-Cholesterol Reduction
-More Energy
-Promotes a Healthier Weight
-Enhances Your Mood
I hope this helps clear your skin!
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Hakini Mudra

Mudras HakiniMudra Chakra Healing Meditation Conscious Hacking Rewiring Your Mind Positivity
Find your happy place 😌🙏🏼💕

Hakini Mudra

The Hakini Mudra encourages healing and harmony in the body, aligning and opening chakras, improving our memory.

To perform the Hakini Mudra:
Take a deep breath in pressing tongue to the roof of mouth.
Exhale relaxing your tongue.
Focus gaze on third eye.
Bring both hands to your center.
Bring palms together and press each finger together.
Continue breathing.
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Thrifting for Natural Fabrics

sustainability sustainable habits thrifting wool natural fabric
Now that it’s getting colder, I want more to layer with. I haven’t been clothes shopping in a while!
sustainability sustainable habits thrifting wool natural fabric
I put a special focus this year on reducing my impact on the environment and living more sustainably.
This trip I was looking for clothing made with ONLY natural materials.
When I found out the negative impacts of artificial fabric on the environment,
I began the process of clearing out all toxic / unnatural fibers from my wardrobe.
Polyester, Nylon, Rayon, and Acrylic are unnatural fabrics that contribute to global pollution. And … 

The fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world.

Second only to oil.
Toxic chemicals from the materials that make our clothes are dumped into streams and the ocean, polluting our ground water and global water supply.
I love fashion. But the more woke I become, the more I understand the impact of cheap fashion on our world. I decided to update my habits to support a healthier vision of the future, based on the facts. I want to share what I learned with you!
   sustainability sustainable habits thrifting wool natural fabric
On this thrifting trip, I was on the lookout for natural fabrics.
and I found some amazing natural clothing.
 sustainability sustainable habits thrifting wool natural fabric
A gorgeous embroidered deep blue Thai Silk lounge outfit, with baggy pants I had been looking for.
 sustainability sustainable habits thrifting wool natural fabric
A cozy green wool jacket with buttons.
sustainability sustainable habits thrifting wool natural fabric
And a graceful white cotton pullover.
I also decided to research natural materials.
I have mixed feelings about using animal products.
I avoid leather- except sustainably or second hand because vegan pleather is really really bad for the environment- plus some people eat cows and I would rather the whole animal go to use.
In my research I also learned that SILK involves killing millions of silk worms IN Their COCOONS to steal the material!
That hit me.
I love these blue silk pajamas, but I think I will avoid silk from now on.
The day after I researched this, a little cocoon popped up in my apartment!
I plan on making Malas soon- and the only options for sturdy string are Rayon (not so great for the environment) or Silk. I will have to meditate on how to do this one…
Wool and Cashmere can be taken from the animal without harming it, and actually helps groom the animals. Cotton and hemp come from plants, and are really my preferred material as long as they are sustainably sourced.
I can’t wait to finish cleaning out my wardrobe. I feel so much better in natural materials. 
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Introduction to Chakras and a Healing Chakra Meditation

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What are Chakras / Chakra? How do I heal my chakras?
Our body has 7 centers of energy along our spine. These are called the Chakras. Our life energy flows up and down our spine through these Chakras. Chakra literally means “Wheel”- imagine life energy as water flowing through water mill. If we have a blocked Chakra, the energy cannot flow and we experience disease, frustration and stress. Clear away this stagnant energy by practicing yoga, mudra and mantra to vibrate and open up these centers of energy along your spine. Chakra Healing is one of my favorite therapies,
When I dance, when I move my hips, I imagine an orange hoop of light circling around me. Simple visualizations like this can heal and activate our chakra centers. We already know which Chakras are blocked after we research them, and if we are willing to try- we can heal them.
Muladhara aka ROOT Chakra – Located at the base of the tale bone.
Color is Red.
Feelings of Safety, Trust.
The Root chakra is associated with Earth element.
Svadhistana aka SACRAL Chakra – Located under the belly button region.
Color is Orange.
Feelings of Sexuality, Creativity, and Connection to Others.
The Sacral Chakra is connected to the Water Element.
Manipura aka SOLARPLEXUS Chakra – Located at your stomach.
Color is Yellow.
Feelings of Confidence, Self Efficacy
The Solar Plexus Chakra is associated with the Fire Element.
Anahata aka HEART Chakra – Located at your heart ❤️.
Color is GREEN.
Feelings of Love, Self Love
The Heart Chakra is associated with the Air Element.
Vishudda aka#THROAT Chakra – Located at the base of your throat.
Color is LIGHT BLUE.
Feelings of Communication, Self Expression
Ajna aka THIRDEYE 👁 Chakra – Located center of your forehead.
Color is PURPLE.
Feelings of Psychic Ability, Intuition
Crown Chakra Connection to Source. Divine Intelligence. Cord of Light.
Color is White, Or Deep Blue
Feelings of Oneness. Serenity. Creativity. Inspiration.


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3 Simple Techniques for Anxiety, Depression and PTSD

Healer Healing Meditation Witchcraft Anxiety Depression PTSD

I may seem happy and uplifting all of the time, especially on social media, but in my real life that is not always the case. Some days are harder than others, some days I still wake up struggling with depression, and anxiety.

In the earlier stage of my healing, I was more reactive to triggers. It was challenging to be in social settings because often the simplest interaction triggered memories of the trauma, and anxious thoughts followed. I felt exposed- aware of the dark sad thoughts- and I felt like everyone else knew I was in the dark too. Being in that space, I discovered simple techniques to bring in the support and safety to bring myself back to center.
Here are 3 easy ways to call in love, support and strength when you’re suffering:

1. Talk to friends about what you are feeling. If you feel uncomfortable, or if you’re in your mind and disconnected from what’s going on around you, reach out to a friend and let them know, in a chill manner, how you are feeling. People don’t always understand that someone’s silence, distracted behavior, confusion or sluggishness comes from battling depression, PTSD or an anxiety attack. Letting people know you need their support can ease the anxiety attack.

2. Take slow, deep breaths filling your lungs, focusing on feeling your feet grounded and supported underneath you. This will ground you in the present moment. Connection with breath is connection to Universe and Oneness. Imagine you are breathing in the most relaxing fresh healing air and you will relax. The stronger your imagination is, the better this will work.

3. Stand in a confident posture, such as a Power Pose. We are electrical machines. When our minds close off, our bodies mirror it. Consciously opening up the body will redirect your flow of energy, triggering the release of happier hormones elevating your mood. Jumping up and down in small hops elevates my mood instantly- because it wakes up the brain. If you feel silly doing this, it’s working.

I hope this helps you, dear star seeds. Comment or DM me if you have questions or experiences! Have a beautiful Moonday!

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Solutions: Thrifting for Sustainable Clothing

Thrift Store Thrifting

Living that #NotMyPresident lifestyle anyone?

This blog mini-series is called Solutions. I’m going to show you the most effective and simplest ways to live a life of protest for the good our planet. By making tiny adjustments in our lifestyle, we can significantly reduce energy consumption and help stop climate change.

Today’s Solution is Thrifting!

Good Will Thrift Store Goodwill Thrifting Fashion Shopping
Outfit made possible by Goodwill

Did you know that the fashion industry is one of the top contributors to climate change? The fashion industry is also creating irreversible damage to our global water supply- from toxic dyes used to make clothing.

Did you know the US makes up the largest percentage of the global market for clothing?! As the primary consumers of this market, WE have the biggest impact on this pollution. Real change will start with us!

This lifehack is easy. Do not spend your hard earned money on cheap and quick fashion. Be educated of where your clothing comes from. Upcycle more. Donate or give away old clothing. Thrift. Shop local, handmade. Shop eco-friendly.

If enough people do this, we will inspire brands to find new, environmentally sustainable ways to produce their clothing.

Thrifting is a lot of fun. You never know WHAT you’ll find thrifting. There are always brands we love, in good condition and at a great price. People discover designer digs while thrifting all the time, you know.

Maybe your community hosts a monthly or weekly flea market. If you’re lucky, you’ll score some really sick vintage finds, or find new local art you fall in love with. I go to Melrose Trading Post on Fairfax and Melrose on Sundays, and I’ve scored some really unique handmade / vintage home goods, clothes, shoes and jewelry!

Last year, I decided to stop purchasing “new”, unless it was locally made, sustainably sourced, thrifted, up-cycled or handmade. The first couple of months were hard, but then when I got serious and focused on the intentions of my shopping actions, I started to manifest all of the furniture I wanted, second hand and as gifts! I haven’t looked back on shopping new.

Good Will Thrift Store Goodwill Thrifting Fashion Shopping Fashion Outfit Of The Day OOTD
Pants by Thrifting. Sweater was gifted. Top is made from recycled water bottles.
Good Will Thrift Store Goodwill Thrifting Fashion Shopping
My most recent haul from Goodwill in Hollywood
I’d always wanted prismatic shoes. I found these thrifting.

The vibe of my wardrobe shifted when I minimized my stuff and started shopping with better intentions. My style is eclectic, it’s different- and I get excited to tell people how I find the clothes I wear. I give away clothes I don’t wear, I clear out my closet every year to local thrift stores, and I try not to shop that often. I like having a versatile wardrobe, with a few long-term quality handmade pieces.

Try this fun life hack for a couple months, I’d love to hear about the magic YOU discover! Tell me in the comments!


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Sweet Trick, no Treat: The Truth About Artificial Sweeteners

Sweetener, Sugar Free
I am writing this for anyone out there struggling with unusual symptoms, and worried about their health, when no source of disease can be pin-pointed for your symptoms.
If you struggle with dizziness, fatigue, reduced cognitive functioning, trouble thinking, spacing out, blacking out, confusion, tinnutus, depression, out of control anxiety…
If you have developed MS, systemic lupus, or any other neurodegenerative disease…
If you are experiencing ANY of the above, and you consume any type of artificial sweetener- stop taking sweeteners right now!
This is my experience with Artificial Sweeteners. It starts, like many horror stories, in middle school. When I learned about the ethical and environmental impacts of meat, it motivated the 11 year old me to become a vegetarian.
Naturally, I lost some weight. People noticed, and complimented me for the weight loss. Some people even told me that skinny me looked more “white”. This triggered me and I became obsessed with weight loss. Being seen as mixed was a source of pain and sometimes danger for me. I felt ashamed for not being fully “one race”, because people of all “races” have bullied me for it. I often felt like I didn’t fit in anywhere.
And so to ‘fit in’ imo, I began a game of control and starvation called the Eating Disorder. A part of this self-inflicted torture was abusing artificial sweeteners. Even though I was warned numerous times by friends (who watched me down pints of the powdery poison everyday) of the dangers, I continued to consume this ‘guilt-free’ chemical treat because I had an eating disorder… with a self restricted 400 calorie daily limit- WTF!
I began to experience bizarre health issues. I felt myself ‘disconnecting’ randomly, around friends or in crowded shopping malls. I would space out and not be able to pull myself back into my mind. It felt as if my mind, brain and body stopped communicating. Sometimes it felt like being underwater- where I couldn’t speak or understand what was going on around me, but I was still “there” somewhere.
In High School, I developed cysts in and around my left thyroid that grew big enough to affect my ability to breathe. I had surgery and half of my thyroid was removed. My mom said “Stop all the Splenda- scientists say it has caused tumors in rats!” But I chose not to listen, because the scale said 105lbs and I needed to be 90…
In college, I fought hard to end the game with the Eating Disorder. But the habit of reaching for “diet” and “sugar-free” was engrained in my being. Sophomore year, I noticed that my memory and speech issues were becoming progressively worse. Sometimes it was hard to speak, like my tongue wouldn’t work properly. Words came out garbled and nonsensical. But I just laughed it off and spoke less…
I started to have increased difficulty with normal motor skills. I would drop things- my hands felt “dumb” and they were difficult to control. My anxiety became so severe that I stopped leaving my apartment for anything beyond work or school.
It’s an ego check to write this- but I chose to ignore all of these issues because I felt ashamed to be damaged in some kind of way. Booking a doctors appointment for random symptoms was complicated with my insurance, and to be honest, after the surgeries in high school, I didn’t really want to know what else was up.
Fortunately my symptoms weren’t TOO severe- just noticeable enough to be puzzling to my friends, family, and lover, who saw me space out, struggle with speech, and frequently forget details of things we would do together. It became a joke to everyone, something they labeled as ‘cute’, and a ‘Passion thing’ – so I accepted the problems.
After I had a seizure in my apartment my last year of college, I decided the solution was to cut back on drinking, eat better and get more sleep. I promised myself that if something “more severe” happened, then I would get checked out- WTF pt.II !
Later that year, on a car ride through Vegas, I listened to my friends boyfriend describe symptoms of his Mother’s, which he attributed to artificial sweetener abuse. I listened in a sort-of a daze as he described the same frustrating issues I was experiencing. It was like he was reading my mind.
The next day, I immediately started Googling and I learned that most artificial sweeteners are loaded with toxins– and many are excitotoxins, a type of neurotoxin that literally kills brain cells. My Psychology-degree wielding mind cringed. Ouch. These are chemicals who cross your blood brain barrier, enter into your mind, killing neurons and cutting connection pathways in your brain.
These were chemicals that release methanol and dioxin into the blood, mimicking formaldehyde, penetrating into our muscle tissue- wreaking havoc throughout our bodies nervous system. I read so many horror stories describing symptoms that mirrored my own. I was overcome with guilt and shame for what I had done to my brilliant, unique mind.
And so, on that day in September of 2014 I cut out all artificial sweeteners and I haven’t been back since. I wanted to post this as a warning to anyone who loves their #Splenda or #DietCoke. You are killing yourself slowly. Please stop.
Do not wait another day. Do not listen to the corporate machine paid to tell you sweeteners are safe. Do not wait for things to get worse. Do not settle for the pain that you are already in. Make the switch to living sweetener free. It’s easier than you’d imagine, and you will feel so much better. It has been a little over two years since I have consumed ANY artificial sweeteners, and I weight less, I am happier, and the symptoms have mostly disappeared. Anxiety is now manageable, and I am in the best shape of my life. All I do is eat a mostly vegan diet with lots of fruits and veggies, and stay active.
How To Heal Yo Self:
It has been a little over two years now since I completely cut artificial sweeteners out of my diet. I no longer experience the heavy, disorienting brain fog. I remember events lucidly. I feel turned all the way back on. It has been a battle, but now I am stronger, I am more aware of the foods I eat, and I am fiercely passionate about co-creating a healthier and safer world for people.
I want to share with you what has helped me heal from artificial sweetener abuse. What worked for me may not work for everyone because we are all made different. I spent a lot of time researching and testing out different ways to improve my brain function and health. Quitting the sweeteners and detoxing had the greatest affect by far. Experiment with different methods to see what works for you. Do your own research, then come back and share in the comments what you’ve learned. I hope this helps!
The Most Important Step:
Stop consuming all artificial sweeteners. You must stop taking the chemicals to start healing. Avoid EVERYTHING that is reduced sugar, low sugar, sugar free, AVOID IT! Even Sugar-Free GUM. Anything with these chemicals, do not consume. These chemicals are addictive, but you WILL do it if you believe in yourself. I’ll say it again: You Must Stop Taking The Chemicals To Start Healing.
More Tools That Support Healing:
1. Taking It Easy.
One of the most important pieces of advice I can give is to take your healing slowly. If you are coming off of decades of artificial sweetener abuse, more than likely, your brain will need time to build connections back up. It’s okay to admit to yourself that things are really different in your mind space than what they used to be. Don’t try to move at 300% or even 100% of your capacity. You have permission to slow down. Take your time at work. Take your time cooking. Take your time driving. Slow everything the fuck down. And breathe. Deeply.
2. Eating Nutrient Dense Foods
It is now crucial to make sure you are getting enough nutrients to encourage healthy brain development. Eat nutrient dense foods every day. Load up on your veggie game, and drink cold pressed juices. Forget about the cost. This is your health. It is worth more than all of the moneys in the world.
Eat foods that contain Omega 3 Fatty Acids. Our brain uses these magical amino acids to enhance cognitive functions like memory and mood. There are 3 different types of Omega 3 Fatty Acids, and after years of artificial sweetener abuse, our brains will benefit the most from a dose of DHA Omega 3’s. DHA Omega 3’s cannot be found in plants – their Omega 3’s are ALA. Fish, Shellfish, and Algae have the essential DHA Omega 3’s that our brains crave. Fresh wild caught Salmon contains a very high dose.
DHA aids cognitive development- repairing neural tissue to help with memory loss, cognitive performance, and learning. For this reason, I do occasionally break my vegan diet for wild caught Salmon. I can feel the difference in my cognitive functioning when I go months with no fish, vs when I’ve eaten some fish. (NOTE: I always thank and bless the fish before I eat it, because I believe the energy exchange is sacred. I am currently looking into algae for a cruelty free solution. I will update this when I’ve tried it out.)
3. Sleep. Sleep. Sleeeep zzzz
Sleeping is a natural process that heals the brain. Our brains are like super complex mini computers. When we sleep, they run a program that heals brain matter. Researchers believe that sleep reduces levels of oxidative stress– and the toxins from artificial sweeteners have been linked with creating more oxidative stress in the brain!
So after you’ve quit hitting the powder, take those naps you always avoided! Make sure you are getting 7-8 hours a night, and don’t be ashamed to cancel plans with friends so you can sleep more. You are literally rebuilding your brain. They will understand. Heck, invite them over to nap with you! Cuddle parties rule. And cuddling releases oxytocin, which is a natural healer for the body.
4. Yoga and Meditation.
Practice yoga and meditation. Your dexterity may have been affected by the artificial sweeteners- I know mine was. Yoga will help retrain the connection between your mind and physical body. From my experience it has been a necessary tool in my healing. It helped me ground back down, when I felt lost in the spacey blankness of my disconnected mind. Research shows that meditation literally changes structures in your brain, increasing neural connections and more!
I hope this helps anyone who is suffering like I was. Don’t lose your sense of hope. It’s takes work to heal, but you can do it. When I found out, I actually became very depressed and distrusting about the world for a few months. If this hits you hard, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. I am here to support you on your journey. If you have any questions, please leave me a comment or reach out to me on Instagram @TheCyberWitch.
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Welcome to Cult Intuition

Cult Intuition Def

You’ve just stumbled onto the beginnings of something powerful. This is no ordinary lifestyle blog:

I am going to teach you secret, unbelievable techniques that can hack your mind, craft your reality, and enhance your extra-ordinary inter-dimensional life experience. I’m Passion, a Piscean yogini alien from planet Earth. I am also a photographer, a researcher, and internet marketer.

I want to take you on a journey of self discovery, healing, and magic

Before you ask, Passion Jazz is my birth name. My mom wanted to name me Passion or Rainbow, and the story goes that whenever she said passion, I’d move around in her womb- so she went with that. Sometimes I question if that was a good call, but I like my name.

So naturally, life feels strange for Passion, a racially ambiguous human female. Growing up, I had to make a lot of adjustments to fit in- my family life was turbulent and beyond uncomfortable because, in addition to having normal family issues, in the 90s – early 00s it was also “socially unacceptable” to be from an “interracial” family. I have been a target for racially insecure people, I am frequently sexually objectified by others, and I’ve struggled to embrace my beauty in a world where conforming to European features is the status quo. I am healing anxiety and depression- due to genetics and the way I internalize trauma. I want to share my journey with healing, in hopes that what I have experienced will help others move past trauma to more happiness in their lives. We are all here for a reason. I want to see more people passionately following their life calling.   
Cult Intuition

I began to understand the effect of my thoughts on my health after learning about the connection of mind and body while completing my degree. In high school, I had two throat surgeries and half of my thyroid removed due to benign tumors that grew in my throat. Throughout college, I had more health issues- a seizure, a few rare illnesses, and more masses showed up in my throat. It sucked. But- the more I learned about energy- the more it all made sense. My thoughts were affecting my physical form. After I made some cognitive changes, my health improved. I noticed that my thinking literally manifested the reality that I was living in- even affecting other life forms outside of myself.

I have always been driven with a desire to “ figure life out”- to sort out what it means to be a human. I got a degree in Psychology- but it gave me more questions than answers about what “conscious beings” are. So I began researching + experimenting with modern and ancient techniques- to hack the mind, to enhance cognitive and “psychic” abilities. I opened my mind to new ways of thinking about our species, and all of life. I got seriously into yoga- deepening my physical understanding of the mind – body connection, and the energy makes up my being. I started seeing the signs. And I was listening- moving in flow with this newfound energy form. My life changed… in a synchronistic and eerie way- a way that only made sense the more I learned about biology, evolution, and our human psyche.

Welcome to Cult Intuition.
A collection of stories, ideas, and photographs charting my journey with conscious living, mental wellness, and spirituality. I can’t wait to share research, talk philosophical ideas- and discuss ways to improve the world with you!
Tune in every other week.
Check back next Tuesday for a series of yoga poses, designed for beings who spend a lot of time at a desk or sitting down.
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