Happy Halloween!

I love Halloween. This time of the year always brings with it the feelings of mystery, the occult, and magic. I love dressing in costume, assuming an alternate identity, and using my imagination. Our imaginations are powerful. When I create something, I am reminded that everything we see today is here because someone imagined it was possible. Our imaginations craft our reality. And adorable Halloween costumes!

Chi Chobits Halloween Costume

This year, I thought it would be fun to dress up as Chi, from the manga Chobits. Chi is a persecom, a humanoid robot designed to assist people in everyday tasks. In the manga, Chi tries to figure out where she came from and what she is, as she has recurring dreams about an empty world with no people, where everyone stays inside entertained by computers.

Sounds about right?

Chi Chobit Cosplay

The costume was fun to make, and a simple DIY.

DIY Chobits Chi Ears Tutorial

To create Chi’s ears, I used white and pink foam sheets from Michael’s and hair clips from Sally’s. I cut out the pieces like in the image above, and glued them together with hot glue. Next, I cut out circles for the ears and a rectangle piece for the hair clip. I glued on the circles, and the hair clip on the rectangular foam piece onto the ears. Then I put on a blonde wig, and Viola!

Are you dressing up for Halloween? I’d love to see your creative costumes!

This week I’ll be posting more Halloween FUN on my Instagram (@TheCyberWitch), so check back here for updates with new costume ideas!

Check out my adorable “Wake Up Flow” by Chi:

"A person's heart changes a little bit everyday… because that is their nature. It can be different. It doesn't always have to be the same.” ♡ A City With No People Wake up with me! Let’s F L O W~ Chobits style! 🙂 This mini flow was adapted from one of my favorite scenes in Chobits, where Chi teaches a human how to wake up looking “genki”. “Genki” is Japanese for “energetic"- and #ForwardFolds + #TrianglePose will definitely get your blood flowing in the morning. Does anyone else love to watch anime? Are you excited for Halloween? What are you going to be this year? I had so much fun making this costume! I have a few more costumes up my sleeve this week, so check back later this week to see more character inspired yoga 😉 Check out my blog to see more pictures, and a quick DIY for these ears! Linked in Bio! www.Cult-Intuition.com

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Do You Sit Too Much? 6 Beginner Yoga Poses To Fix Your Posture

Do you feel uncomfortable after standing for a long time? Do you have trouble finding a comfortable sleeping position? These aches could be a sign that you are sitting too much! While sitting feels relaxing, when done for long periods of time, it can tighten our hips, hamstrings, and lower back- leading to an imbalanced, uncomfortable posture when standing and walking. Sitting can also lead to a number of short and long term health issues, like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, varicose veins, weight gain, poorer mental health, and more! (yikes)

When you think about it, our entire society is geared to the preference of sitting. We sit to eat. We sit to drive. We sit to work. We sit to play. We sit to shit. It never ends. It’s quite rare we stand to do anything nowadays… Our posture (and pelvis!) are trained to be stuck in this tight, little ball. Let’s loosen up with targeted yoga poses (called asanas). It’s wholly therapeutic! Our pelvis not only stores the tension from sitting- it also stores our negative emotions- like stress, guilt, shame, sadness- and so when we work to release the tension in our pelvis, we also release these negative emotions. Incorporate these asanas into your daily practice, and you will feel happier, refreshed, and re-centered.

When I’m opening my hips, a rush of information will flood my senses. For instance, I’ll be deepening my flex in pigeon, and suddenly catch a whiff of cafeteria pizza- transporting me back to elementary school. Or I’ll smell the intoxicatingly familiar scent of someones cuddle. Both bring up vivid memories. And so I breathe. I open the space. And I clear it. I imagine a white light filling these memories. And I let go of all thoughts. I open myself to bliss. In this way, my body physically relaxes, and so does my mind. It’s mind-body therapy- and boy is it healing!

These asanas are literally miracles if you work at a desk. After incorporating these stretches into my practice, I experience less back pain and I can stand longer. It’s also extra helpful to practice standing while at work, if it’s possible. Standing for even just a few minutes at work every day can dramatically correct your posture, and improve back pain.

Good luck, beautiful human- I hope these help you!

Warm up with a few rounds of Sun Salutations. Limber up so that you may get the most benefit from this practice. Please advise if you have any prior injuries or contraindications that may effect your practice! If it hurts at any time- stop, release the pose, and walk away! Yoga should never cause you any pain.

Pigeon Pose

My favorite hip opener. This classic beginners pose opens and aligns our hips and pelvis, lengthening our hip flexors with a deep, comfortable stretch.

Start in a Downward Dog.
Bring your front foot forward, and turn it inwards toward opposite wrist, so that your calf is perpendicular to your arms.
Gently lower yourself down, sending the back leg all the way back and down.
Come down onto your forearms. If it is comfortable stretch your arms forward and come all the way down
Bring your chest forward over your bent leg, and send the tailbone back and down.
Relax, breathe, and hold for up to two minutes.


Frog Pose

This is a gentle, yet powerful pose. In this comfortable position, you should immediately feel a deep stretch in your inner groin and hips.

Start in Child’s Pose.
Come onto your forearms.
Rock your hips back in line with your knees.
Widen your knees until you feel a stretch.
Take deep breaths. Hold for 15-45 seconds.
Rock hips forward. Walk knees together.
Come up into Table Top.


Lizard Pose

A wacky way to transform your lunge into a hip opener. This is a great stretch for the groin, hamstrings, and hip flexors.

Start in a lunge.
Widen the front foot.
Come down onto your forearms.
Breathe and hold for 15-35 seconds.


Extended Puppy Pose
Extended Puppy Pose

The first time I did this, I could feel the section of my back that is usually strained from looking at my computer screen straighten, and open up. I love this simple, restorative pose.

Start in Table Top.
Walk your hands down in front of you, mindful that your head and neck are aligned with your spine.
Forehead touches the ground.
Breathe and hold for 30 seconds.


Seated Forward Bend
Forward bend 

A deep stretch that relieves the lower back, the lumbar region- while stretching the hips, spine, back, and leg muscles all at once. It also massages all abdominal organs.

Sit with your legs out, hips even.
Sit up tall with your spine in line with your pelvis.
Hinge forward at your hips, extending your spine over your legs.
Grab your feet or use a strap reach your feet.
Hold for least 10 seconds, taking slow deep breaths.


Wide Legged Forward Bend
Wide Legged Forward Fold

A magnificent, relaxed hip and shoulder opener. Use gravity to lengthen lower lumbar regions and undo damage from sitting.

Legs should be slightly farther than shoulder width apart.
Lean forward, hinging at your hips.
Fold all the way forward and grab toes, ankles or shins with your hands.
Pull your body toward itself and the ground.
Hold for at least 10 seconds.


Let me know in the comments which pose did the trick for your back pain! If you have any questions, leave it in the comments or DM me on Instagram! @TheCyberWitch
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Welcome to Cult Intuition

Cult Intuition Def

You’ve just stumbled onto the beginnings of something powerful. This is no ordinary lifestyle blog:

I am going to teach you secret, unbelievable techniques that can hack your mind, craft your reality, and enhance your extra-ordinary inter-dimensional life experience. I’m Passion, a Piscean yogini alien from planet Earth. I am also a photographer, a researcher, and internet marketer.

I want to take you on a journey of self discovery, healing, and magic

Before you ask, Passion Jazz is my birth name. My mom wanted to name me Passion or Rainbow, and the story goes that whenever she said passion, I’d move around in her womb- so she went with that. Sometimes I question if that was a good call, but I like my name.

So naturally, life feels strange for Passion, a racially ambiguous human female. Growing up, I had to make a lot of adjustments to fit in- my family life was turbulent and beyond uncomfortable because, in addition to having normal family issues, in the 90s – early 00s it was also “socially unacceptable” to be from an “interracial” family. I have been a target for racially insecure people, I am frequently sexually objectified by others, and I’ve struggled to embrace my beauty in a world where conforming to European features is the status quo. I am healing anxiety and depression- due to genetics and the way I internalize trauma. I want to share my journey with healing, in hopes that what I have experienced will help others move past trauma to more happiness in their lives. We are all here for a reason. I want to see more people passionately following their life calling.   
Cult Intuition

I began to understand the effect of my thoughts on my health after learning about the connection of mind and body while completing my degree. In high school, I had two throat surgeries and half of my thyroid removed due to benign tumors that grew in my throat. Throughout college, I had more health issues- a seizure, a few rare illnesses, and more masses showed up in my throat. It sucked. But- the more I learned about energy- the more it all made sense. My thoughts were affecting my physical form. After I made some cognitive changes, my health improved. I noticed that my thinking literally manifested the reality that I was living in- even affecting other life forms outside of myself.

I have always been driven with a desire to “ figure life out”- to sort out what it means to be a human. I got a degree in Psychology- but it gave me more questions than answers about what “conscious beings” are. So I began researching + experimenting with modern and ancient techniques- to hack the mind, to enhance cognitive and “psychic” abilities. I opened my mind to new ways of thinking about our species, and all of life. I got seriously into yoga- deepening my physical understanding of the mind – body connection, and the energy makes up my being. I started seeing the signs. And I was listening- moving in flow with this newfound energy form. My life changed… in a synchronistic and eerie way- a way that only made sense the more I learned about biology, evolution, and our human psyche.

Welcome to Cult Intuition.
A collection of stories, ideas, and photographs charting my journey with conscious living, mental wellness, and spirituality. I can’t wait to share research, talk philosophical ideas- and discuss ways to improve the world with you!
Tune in every other week.
Check back next Tuesday for a series of yoga poses, designed for beings who spend a lot of time at a desk or sitting down.
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Autumnal Equinox Crystal Grid

Autumn Equinox Grid

Last Thursday, the Veil lifted and we entered a new season, a new space in our revolution around the Sun. In honor of this powerful transition, I created an Equinox crystal grid to channel ancient Creator wisdom and Sun energy. Sealed with the intention to attract an abundant harvest, unlock personal transformation and growth with our connection with the Earth.

I like to grid in a clear, open space (post-saging is best) with light music playing. I like to meditate first, and write my intention down on a small piece of paper. This creates a focused space to start working with energy.

Crystal grids work by channeling the intention of the Creator through the energy of crystals placed in sacred geometric patterns. The combination of crystal, intention, and geometric energies amplify each other, which is why a crystal grid can be more powerful than working with a single crystal.

For this grid, I am working with Quartz, Tibetan Quartz, Peridot, and pinecones from two National Forests (Yosemite and Yellow Stone). I’ll list the properties of these materials below.


Quartz: One of the most common (and powerful) crystals, Quartz is an amplifier. The points are arranged to channel and disperse energy outward from the center of the grid, and back into the grid.
Tibetan Quartz
Tibetan Quartz: An ancient stone of dark, smokey honey wisps and clear rainbow white crystal. It holds a deep, resonant vibration. Tibetan Quartz transmutes negative energies, and channels divine wisdom from the Ascended Masters. One stone is placed in the North and one stone in the South spaces on the grid.

Peridot: A powerful, high vibrational Heart Chakra crystal. This is a stone full of sacred Sun energy, cutting through Darkness with the holy Light of our Sun. It is great for breaking addictions, and setting someone on the right track of their life path.

Pinecones: Pine is a symbol of Nativity and health. Their energy is cleansing, warding off negative energies. Pinecones are great for redirecting focus back to your Soul Path. A symbol of the Third Eye, the Seat to the Soul, our Pineal Gland. This is our centerpoint for the grid. Usually center points are crystals, but for this season, we are building a special connection with Earth, so it makes sense to use something sacred from the National Forests.
Did you create a crystal grid to celebrate the Equinox? Let me know in the comments what stones and crystals you’re working with!
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Bad Beauty Habits (we’re all guilty ok)

Hello dolls,

Not to be a drag but I want to dedicate this post to bad beauty habits. A bad beauty habit can be the difference between not aging past 25 or looking like you’re 45 at 23. It’s okay if you mess up occasionally, but just remember that a beautiful body begins with health. So make this important. And I’m not numbering this post because this is not Buzzfeed. MWA :*



Rip on your hair when you brush it. You should brush small sections of your hair at a time to avoid breakage, yet I see people take a brush and start pulling at their hair like that want it all to come out. Have you never played with a barbie doll? When you rip through your hair, your cause breakage up the entire shaft. It’ll make your hair look like a troll doll. Instead- gently brush through small sections of your hair, starting at the ends and making your way up to your roots.

Touch your face throughout the day. Our hands are cesspools of germs and nasty shit that we’ve touched. Why oh why do we touch our faces nervously and spread dirt to our clean skin? It’s a terrible habit. It causes acne, not to mention it exposes your skin to germs and bacteria that do not belong there. Instead- wash your hands every time you want to stroke your beautiful face.

Sit all the time. Humans were never meant to be sedentary beings. It compresses our spines and turns our core into a pudgy dough ball. We are supposed to go forth and explore our environments. Instead- Get the fuck off your big bum and go find an adventure. Touch random objects, climb on public buildings. If anyone asks what you’re doing, say you’re playing a real game of hide and seek and invite them.

Miss flossing your teeth. New research suggests that flossing could be more important than brushing. There is nothing less attractive than a mouth full of swollen gums and rotting teeth. PEEEYEW~ Instead- Tell yourself anytime you think about flossing, that you must floss! I started doing this a few years back and it’s now a habit of mine to floss my pearly whites.

Slouch while on your tech devices. You all know how much I hate slouching!! It ruins your sexy ab muscles and shortens your back. It can make you feel less confident and you don’t even know it! Instead- take breaks from your device and practice a few easy yoga moves. You’ll feel refreshed.

Talk shit about people in public. We’ve all done this before and it’s obnoxious. Your beauty starts within your heart, radiates out in your health and finishes with what comes out of your mouth. Nothing is uglier than a bitch who picks on those less fortunate than her. Be kind, please rewind.

Frown all day, everyday. If you have resting bitch face, work on it now! I suffer from RBF because I usually fill my spare mind time thinking about conflict on this planet and our terribad allocation of natural resources. Frowning trains the ugly muscles in your face to stand out. So poke your cheeks and flex that smile muscle. Instead- Think of happy things and never worry. Think about your part in this world and how to make it a better place.

Skip on the Sunscreen. The Sun is your biggest enemy when it comes to aging. Sun exposure causes wrinkled skin, dark marks, and even cancer. You should wear an SPF on your entire body – including your hands. If you’ve noticed premature wrinkling, it’s probably due to sun exposure. For those of us who do not burn, sunscreen is so easy to forget about. Instead- use an SPF of at least 30 – I use SPF 50 on my entire body, and an SPF 65 on my face.

That’s all I’ve got for todays post, loves~ I hope you can laugh at these bad habits and support leading a beautiful life.


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5 Simple Hair Care Ideas

Hello lovely,

I hope you’re all doing swell as it gets colder It’s the perfect time to update your curly hair routine as the months transition from hot + humid to cool + dry. These tips will hopefully inspire you to try some new things in the coming months.

Simple Hair Care Ideas

1. Use a Wide-Tooth Comb
              A wide tooth comb will break up any knots in your hair without disrupting your natural curl pattern. How often should you brush depends on your needs, but I recommend brushing daily. You take small sections, starting at the tips with gentle strokes until you work your way to the root. If you’ve seen girls with big luscious hair, you’d better believe they tame that mess nightly. It’s good for you if you are gentle and have the right tools.

2. Get some Root Booster
              The bigger your hair the closer you are to heaven, or at least you look like a sexy beast. I rely on root booster in the fall, when there’s no humidity to pump up my curls. I use Big Sexy Hair Root Pump Plus Humidity Control; it costs about $18 at Ulta. It’s great for volume without frizz.

3. Pin it Up
              ANY season is the BEST time for cascading curls down your shoulders. Try out some new hair styles pinned up hair styles. They’re more likely to stay in place while looking good all day. Some of my fave curly hair tutorials are on youtube here and include tips for how to pin your curls.

4. Be a Bun Head
              I think buns are an elegant and fun way to express your hair. Buns can be tamed or messy, and curls add some extra texture to the mix. Sometimes I’ll pull my hair up into a big messy bun with a sock, which is traditionally for a neater style bun with straight hair buuuuttt idgaf. I like it curly because it makes it a big mess, and looks voluminous and girly.

5. Get a Spray Bottle
              I like my hair best when it is hydrated. So, I make sure to have a spray bottle filled with my special mix for my curls. I mix 4 parts water, 1 part leave in conditioner, 2 drops of Moroccan oil. I will spritz my hair with this when my curls need a midday pick me up. I find that it keeps them hydrated and tames the frizz.

I hope these tips help keep your hair refreshed and beautiful <3 Do you have anything special you like to do with your hair in the winter? Comment below and let me know!


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The Secret To Reducing Your Stress

Life is a struggle.
Modern tech pushes our minds to the brim with so much to keep us running – cell phones, friends, shopping, bills, work, personal projects, o-m-g it goes on and on. Even when I’m sleeping, I’ll jolt awake at 3AM to write down an idea I had during a dream. 
When I felt like I hit my breaking point this time last year, I found an article on mindful meditation. My first thought was, “I already know what that is, it’s baby stuff I can clear my mind this won’t help.” And I put the article away. I’m stubborn haha. It wasn’t until I joined a yoga group that I felt the impact that five minutes of meditation has on your mind. So…

What is meditation?

Meditation is focused thought on the present and deep breathing. It starts the processes of refreshing your mind so that it’ll reload faster. It does for your brain what emptying your livingroom before cleaning it does. It makes more sense to empty the room first or you won’t eliminate all the clutter. Same goes for your mind. You have to focus and put your thoughts away. 

The benefits of meditation are supported by modern research. 

In a recent study by the University of Siena and Harvard Medical School, scientists sought to gain empirical evidence that meditation improves brain function. The experiment went a little like this:
48 participants were divided into two groups- one that practiced meditation through training for 8 weeks and one that didn’t.
All of the participants took some tests and MRI exams before and after the training. These tests measured for anxiety, depression, mindfulness, excessive worrying, and emotional connectedness. The MRI tests also measured brain mass in different areas of the brain.
The results showed that decreased levels of worrying, anxiety and depression in the group who practiced mediation. Participants reported feeling happier and more relaxed. The MRI results also showed increased densities of gray matter in the brains of the meditative participants. The control group, who did no training, showed no differences before and after the 8-weeks. While we’re not 100% sure what to make of this, I believe meditation is a wonderful practice to pick up to improve your life.
This study only covered 8-weeks; imagine the goodness a lifetime could do…
Our minds can become our own biggest cages. Life shucks stuff in our path and if you don’t have a strong support group, you’ll fall down and have trouble getting back up. It’s true that the way you handle stress goes a long way to show how you’ll handle true success. 
By approaching life with an open and nonjudgemental attitude, you can handle the bumps with finesse. After I meditate, I feel more energetic and I have the motivation to finish what I set out to do. I don’t feel so limited inside of myself. I’m still working on my social anxiety + the deep-breathing techniques I’ve learned help lessen my attacks. I feel like I can influence my anxiety to make myself less awkward and more relatable ;] If you feel like you have trouble connecting with other people or you feel like it is a struggle to relax, you probably need to meditate because your mind is overloaded. What do you have to lose?
If you’re looking on how to meditate, check out the articles I’ve found helpful:
I hope this helps. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.
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7 Must-Have Holiday Gift Ideas for the Magical Girl in your Life

Hello loves,  I’m enjoying the moderate chilly weather on the West Coast with maple infused hot cocoa and coal leatherette shorts. You have to pretend it’s winter over here to get the holiday appeal. Christmas is coming up fast! I’ve spent the last few weeks scouring Etsy for the best things to give to my loved ones.

There is nothing like a gift that channels energy and the imagination. I look for things that exude the essence of the occult and bring a sense of forbidden desire. When I’m buying a gift for a friend, I focus on how they’ve made me feel, their energy and spirit, and then purchase a gift that I think resonates with that vibe. I want to share these gift ideas, along with a few of my favorite shops that sell them.

Holiday Gift Guide for Magical Girls

1. Original Prints

A print can bring together a whole room and define the feeling of a space. I think art is the most important thing that you can give someone.

The natural beauty of a pose with a lunar cycle in a beautiful mandala. Ayla hand draws mystic symbols and strong women, focused on the universal truths in kindness and peace.

2. Crystal Jewelry

Crystals bring forth the feeling of emotion, love and connection. I usually use a stone guide to pick a stone that channels the vibe I’m looking for. When I’ve found the type I want, I look for jewelry on etsy that uses the stone in a style I like.

Lotus Fairy has a huge selection of beautiful crystals at amazing prices. If you buy more than one, you get a deal on shipping.

3. Comfy Scarves

While the weather is cold, give your loved one something that will give them warm thoughts about you. A scarf will do this for you and more! On Etsy you can find more than just basic knitted scarves and pick one with an artistic flair.

This scarf will perfectly wrap up your young witchy friend and keep them safe in the winter. I love how it turns the wearer into an owl.

4. Nail Decals

Most of my friends paint their nails by themselves. As nail decals become more common, I find that surpising a friend with a set of nail stickers can be a huge hit. Etsy has the best selection of original nail decals; you can find any design you’re looking for. Music friend? Get them some A$AP decals. Fashion friend? Get her a set of Chanel logos for her nails. They’ll thank you!

These are some of my favorite decals. I love the iconic donut symbol and ice cream! Sweets are best on your hands not in your tummy.

5. Air Plants

The gift of life keeps on giving. I got my first air plant this year and he hangs around my apartment. Air plants are like cactuses because they don’t require much more then sunlight and the occasional spritz of water and minerals. 
The geometric shapes that house air plants merge science + beauty + nature to give you a plant that will inspire your thoughts while it hangs out. Nature is life, life is math, math is nature.

6. Graphic Tee

You can find rare vintage graphic tees on etsy. When I can’t think of what to get someone, I think of their favorite show from when they were young and buy a tee or hoodie. It shows you were really thinking about them.
Twin Peaks was the original Pretty Little Liars back in the day. This hoodie by BurgerandFriends celebrates the vintage teen drama in a pullover.

7. Vintage Cards

Instead of buying fun junk, give your loved one the gift of your own words. You can buy pretty stationary from Etsy and craft your own message by expressing your gratitude for people who support you. 
This adorable card comes with an encouraging statement for your loved one. You never know how your words could impact someones life. Spread love!
When you buy from Etsy you’re supporting a network of creators who have made their dreams a reality. It’s special when someone has spent hours working on a beautiful gift for you to share with someone else. 
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3 Easy Stretches to Correct Smart Phone Posture

I feel like everyday I’m reminded about the drawbacks of our modern technology. “It’s killing us!” “It’s making us less social and more conceited!” “People who use instagram are weird!” (lol iamtho ;3)

I just try to ignore it. I think everything is okay in moderation and you have to live a little to flex your life force.

That being said, there are definitely some negative consequences from smart phone use. One of those is posture. That dreaded slouch is harder to fight everyday when you need to look at your tiny phone screen. And if you work at a desk you’d better kiss your precious straight posture goodbye. I’ve spent the last five years working a desk job, so the neck strain is real with this one.

Stretches for Your Posture

I cannot stress how important stretching is to the longevity of your health and beauty. Stretching should be meditative and relaxing. It’s easy to mess up too; I watch people “stretch” to their stress point and push hard for 5 seconds. >___< If you’re looking to rip up your muscles, do that. If not, do some of these with me:

Stand up straight by curling your tailbone in and letting your spine straighten to follow. Relax your shoulders. Take a deep breath, count to five and let your shoulder blades slowly come down to a comfortable position. Now, look to your left and hold it for 5 seconds. Slowly return your head to center. Look to your right and hold it for another 5 seconds. Return your head to center. Now shrug your shoulders like you want them to touch your ears. Hold this for five seconds and let them slowly fall back into place. 
Stand with feet shoulder width apart. Bring your hands together in the center of your chest like you are praying. Gently push together on your palms and raise your arms above your head. Hold for 10 seconds while looking up. When you’ve gone as far up as you can go, make a gun with your hands, lower your arms and point your fingers forward. Now point your gun to the left, keeping your body upright and straight. Then turn and point your gun to the right. 
Lie flat on your back. Feel your shoulder blades rest on the ground and straighten your neck. Place your palms under the back of your head for support, as if you are about to do a sit up. Tuck your chin in and gently lift your head a few inches off the ground to stretch your neck. Hold it here for 5 seconds and slowly lower your head back to the ground.

Repeat these stretches for at least 30 minutes a day and you should feel less pain and strain. You should also practice sitting up straight. Sit criss, cross applesauce against a wall to feel what straight is. If it feels like a challenge to sit up straight, you probably need to strengthen your lower abs. Look up tutorials for some exercises, it might change your life!

Three Useful Tips

Do not walk and use your phone, unless it’s a bluetooth call. You’re throwing out your balance when you try to look down and type while in motion. We weren’t made for that.

Cup your phone with one hand and type with the fingertips of  your other hand. This protects your joints from carpal tunnel.

Practice awareness. Team up with a close friend and warn each other when you start slouching. I always ask someone I am close with to let me know what I am letting my posture go. It’s helped me notice certain trends in times when I slouch, and it helps me to stop.

I hope these tips and stretches make your day a little nicer. If you’re like me and you always need to take it to the next step, join a local yoga group. Yoga is amazing for the mind and body. You won’t understand until you go!


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Thanksgiving Throwback: Indian Echo Caverns

Happy Thanksgiving! Last November, James and I took a trip to the Indian Echo caverns in PA, based on the recommendation of a friend. We planned out trip around Thanksgiving and scored a deal on a small motel in the area. I shot with my Canon 5D MKII on a tripod.

Inside of the caverns was the darkest place I’ve ever been. Their dark was so loud I could feel it pour into my ears and press against my eyelids. They told us that back in the 1900s, kids used to crawl into the caverns with candles and shout echoes into the unknown. Eventually, more brave people would venture into the darkness. They carved names and their stories into the mineral deposits. You can see someones signature on the last picture.

Crazy how the little things last forever.


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