Full Moon in Cancer January 2017

We’re feeling the emotional ocean of the first Full Moon of 2017 in the sign of the Mother: Cancer. She brings us warm feelings of home and empathy, spiritual ascension, motherhood, and mood swings. You may find yourself redefining your sense of home and comfort, while old emotions surface. Embrace the wild way you feel. Bring it all to surface to heal.


This Full Moon is called the Wolf Moon by North American tribal tradition. The spirit of the Wolf teaches us the Call of the Wild, opening us to lessons in teamwork and inner freedom. What has been calling your heart that you may be ignoring? How can you expand your sense of inner freedom? You are being challenged to let go of old habits to explore something new.


Don’t worry about making an action or final decision this Full Moon. Allow yourself to feel everything that comes to surface. Soak it up. And like Cancer the crab, pull back into your shell, your home, to process it all. Now is a good time to journal, bake delicious foods, and spend time around the home.


Recommended Crystals for this Full Moon in Cancer

Rose Quartz Moon Stone Amethyst

Work with soothing crystals this Full Moon. Moon Stone and Rose Quartz work exceptionally well with Cancer energy. Rose Quartz is emotionally stabilizing, opening our hearts to greater depths of love and compassion. Moon Stone creates space for emotional growth, enhancing our personal intuition and filling us with stable guidance. I also like to work with Amethyst, for the soothing and relaxing qualities that radiate from this lovely purple crystal. Amethyst is a third eye chakra stone, opening our eyes to see clearer the emotional realm within us. Bathe these crystals under the light of the Full Moon tonight, possibly light a white candle and ask your guides to release whatever is holding you back. Be mindful of the visuals or words you receive when working with these crystals. These are important messages for you from higher planes of consciousness. Write them down in a journal, and keep it with you for reference. Crystals channel with them ancient Earth wisdom, and if you are open to receive these messages you will!

Wishing you luck, love, and comfort this Full Moon. I hope wherever you are, you are warm and with people you love.


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Sweet Trick, no Treat: The Truth About Artificial Sweeteners

Sweetener, Sugar Free
I am writing this for anyone out there struggling with unusual symptoms, and worried about their health, when no source of disease can be pin-pointed for your symptoms.
If you struggle with dizziness, fatigue, reduced cognitive functioning, trouble thinking, spacing out, blacking out, confusion, tinnutus, depression, out of control anxiety…
If you have developed MS, systemic lupus, or any other neurodegenerative disease…
If you are experiencing ANY of the above, and you consume any type of artificial sweetener- stop taking sweeteners right now!
This is my experience with Artificial Sweeteners. It starts, like many horror stories, in middle school. When I learned about the ethical and environmental impacts of meat, it motivated the 11 year old me to become a vegetarian.
Naturally, I lost some weight. People noticed, and complimented me for the weight loss. Some people even told me that skinny me looked more “white”. This triggered me and I became obsessed with weight loss. Being seen as mixed was a source of pain and sometimes danger for me. I felt ashamed for not being fully “one race”, because people of all “races” have bullied me for it. I often felt like I didn’t fit in anywhere.
And so to ‘fit in’ imo, I began a game of control and starvation called the Eating Disorder. A part of this self-inflicted torture was abusing artificial sweeteners. Even though I was warned numerous times by friends (who watched me down pints of the powdery poison everyday) of the dangers, I continued to consume this ‘guilt-free’ chemical treat because I had an eating disorder… with a self restricted 400 calorie daily limit- WTF!
I began to experience bizarre health issues. I felt myself ‘disconnecting’ randomly, around friends or in crowded shopping malls. I would space out and not be able to pull myself back into my mind. It felt as if my mind, brain and body stopped communicating. Sometimes it felt like being underwater- where I couldn’t speak or understand what was going on around me, but I was still “there” somewhere.
In High School, I developed cysts in and around my left thyroid that grew big enough to affect my ability to breathe. I had surgery and half of my thyroid was removed. My mom said “Stop all the Splenda- scientists say it has caused tumors in rats!” But I chose not to listen, because the scale said 105lbs and I needed to be 90…
In college, I fought hard to end the game with the Eating Disorder. But the habit of reaching for “diet” and “sugar-free” was engrained in my being. Sophomore year, I noticed that my memory and speech issues were becoming progressively worse. Sometimes it was hard to speak, like my tongue wouldn’t work properly. Words came out garbled and nonsensical. But I just laughed it off and spoke less…
I started to have increased difficulty with normal motor skills. I would drop things- my hands felt “dumb” and they were difficult to control. My anxiety became so severe that I stopped leaving my apartment for anything beyond work or school.
It’s an ego check to write this- but I chose to ignore all of these issues because I felt ashamed to be damaged in some kind of way. Booking a doctors appointment for random symptoms was complicated with my insurance, and to be honest, after the surgeries in high school, I didn’t really want to know what else was up.
Fortunately my symptoms weren’t TOO severe- just noticeable enough to be puzzling to my friends, family, and lover, who saw me space out, struggle with speech, and frequently forget details of things we would do together. It became a joke to everyone, something they labeled as ‘cute’, and a ‘Passion thing’ – so I accepted the problems.
After I had a seizure in my apartment my last year of college, I decided the solution was to cut back on drinking, eat better and get more sleep. I promised myself that if something “more severe” happened, then I would get checked out- WTF pt.II !
Later that year, on a car ride through Vegas, I listened to my friends boyfriend describe symptoms of his Mother’s, which he attributed to artificial sweetener abuse. I listened in a sort-of a daze as he described the same frustrating issues I was experiencing. It was like he was reading my mind.
The next day, I immediately started Googling and I learned that most artificial sweeteners are loaded with toxins– and many are excitotoxins, a type of neurotoxin that literally kills brain cells. My Psychology-degree wielding mind cringed. Ouch. These are chemicals who cross your blood brain barrier, enter into your mind, killing neurons and cutting connection pathways in your brain.
These were chemicals that release methanol and dioxin into the blood, mimicking formaldehyde, penetrating into our muscle tissue- wreaking havoc throughout our bodies nervous system. I read so many horror stories describing symptoms that mirrored my own. I was overcome with guilt and shame for what I had done to my brilliant, unique mind.
And so, on that day in September of 2014 I cut out all artificial sweeteners and I haven’t been back since. I wanted to post this as a warning to anyone who loves their #Splenda or #DietCoke. You are killing yourself slowly. Please stop.
Do not wait another day. Do not listen to the corporate machine paid to tell you sweeteners are safe. Do not wait for things to get worse. Do not settle for the pain that you are already in. Make the switch to living sweetener free. It’s easier than you’d imagine, and you will feel so much better. It has been a little over two years since I have consumed ANY artificial sweeteners, and I weight less, I am happier, and the symptoms have mostly disappeared. Anxiety is now manageable, and I am in the best shape of my life. All I do is eat a mostly vegan diet with lots of fruits and veggies, and stay active.
How To Heal Yo Self:
It has been a little over two years now since I completely cut artificial sweeteners out of my diet. I no longer experience the heavy, disorienting brain fog. I remember events lucidly. I feel turned all the way back on. It has been a battle, but now I am stronger, I am more aware of the foods I eat, and I am fiercely passionate about co-creating a healthier and safer world for people.
I want to share with you what has helped me heal from artificial sweetener abuse. What worked for me may not work for everyone because we are all made different. I spent a lot of time researching and testing out different ways to improve my brain function and health. Quitting the sweeteners and detoxing had the greatest affect by far. Experiment with different methods to see what works for you. Do your own research, then come back and share in the comments what you’ve learned. I hope this helps!
The Most Important Step:
Stop consuming all artificial sweeteners. You must stop taking the chemicals to start healing. Avoid EVERYTHING that is reduced sugar, low sugar, sugar free, AVOID IT! Even Sugar-Free GUM. Anything with these chemicals, do not consume. These chemicals are addictive, but you WILL do it if you believe in yourself. I’ll say it again: You Must Stop Taking The Chemicals To Start Healing.
More Tools That Support Healing:
1. Taking It Easy.
One of the most important pieces of advice I can give is to take your healing slowly. If you are coming off of decades of artificial sweetener abuse, more than likely, your brain will need time to build connections back up. It’s okay to admit to yourself that things are really different in your mind space than what they used to be. Don’t try to move at 300% or even 100% of your capacity. You have permission to slow down. Take your time at work. Take your time cooking. Take your time driving. Slow everything the fuck down. And breathe. Deeply.
2. Eating Nutrient Dense Foods
It is now crucial to make sure you are getting enough nutrients to encourage healthy brain development. Eat nutrient dense foods every day. Load up on your veggie game, and drink cold pressed juices. Forget about the cost. This is your health. It is worth more than all of the moneys in the world.
Eat foods that contain Omega 3 Fatty Acids. Our brain uses these magical amino acids to enhance cognitive functions like memory and mood. There are 3 different types of Omega 3 Fatty Acids, and after years of artificial sweetener abuse, our brains will benefit the most from a dose of DHA Omega 3’s. DHA Omega 3’s cannot be found in plants – their Omega 3’s are ALA. Fish, Shellfish, and Algae have the essential DHA Omega 3’s that our brains crave. Fresh wild caught Salmon contains a very high dose.
DHA aids cognitive development- repairing neural tissue to help with memory loss, cognitive performance, and learning. For this reason, I do occasionally break my vegan diet for wild caught Salmon. I can feel the difference in my cognitive functioning when I go months with no fish, vs when I’ve eaten some fish. (NOTE: I always thank and bless the fish before I eat it, because I believe the energy exchange is sacred. I am currently looking into algae for a cruelty free solution. I will update this when I’ve tried it out.)
3. Sleep. Sleep. Sleeeep zzzz
Sleeping is a natural process that heals the brain. Our brains are like super complex mini computers. When we sleep, they run a program that heals brain matter. Researchers believe that sleep reduces levels of oxidative stress– and the toxins from artificial sweeteners have been linked with creating more oxidative stress in the brain!
So after you’ve quit hitting the powder, take those naps you always avoided! Make sure you are getting 7-8 hours a night, and don’t be ashamed to cancel plans with friends so you can sleep more. You are literally rebuilding your brain. They will understand. Heck, invite them over to nap with you! Cuddle parties rule. And cuddling releases oxytocin, which is a natural healer for the body.
4. Yoga and Meditation.
Practice yoga and meditation. Your dexterity may have been affected by the artificial sweeteners- I know mine was. Yoga will help retrain the connection between your mind and physical body. From my experience it has been a necessary tool in my healing. It helped me ground back down, when I felt lost in the spacey blankness of my disconnected mind. Research shows that meditation literally changes structures in your brain, increasing neural connections and more!
I hope this helps anyone who is suffering like I was. Don’t lose your sense of hope. It’s takes work to heal, but you can do it. When I found out, I actually became very depressed and distrusting about the world for a few months. If this hits you hard, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. I am here to support you on your journey. If you have any questions, please leave me a comment or reach out to me on Instagram @TheCyberWitch.
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Happy Halloween!

I love Halloween. This time of the year always brings with it the feelings of mystery, the occult, and magic. I love dressing in costume, assuming an alternate identity, and using my imagination. Our imaginations are powerful. When I create something, I am reminded that everything we see today is here because someone imagined it was possible. Our imaginations craft our reality. And adorable Halloween costumes!

Chi Chobits Halloween Costume

This year, I thought it would be fun to dress up as Chi, from the manga Chobits. Chi is a persecom, a humanoid robot designed to assist people in everyday tasks. In the manga, Chi tries to figure out where she came from and what she is, as she has recurring dreams about an empty world with no people, where everyone stays inside entertained by computers.

Sounds about right?

Chi Chobit Cosplay

The costume was fun to make, and a simple DIY.

DIY Chobits Chi Ears Tutorial

To create Chi’s ears, I used white and pink foam sheets from Michael’s and hair clips from Sally’s. I cut out the pieces like in the image above, and glued them together with hot glue. Next, I cut out circles for the ears and a rectangle piece for the hair clip. I glued on the circles, and the hair clip on the rectangular foam piece onto the ears. Then I put on a blonde wig, and Viola!

Are you dressing up for Halloween? I’d love to see your creative costumes!

This week I’ll be posting more Halloween FUN on my Instagram (@TheCyberWitch), so check back here for updates with new costume ideas!

Check out my adorable “Wake Up Flow” by Chi:

"A person's heart changes a little bit everyday… because that is their nature. It can be different. It doesn't always have to be the same.” ♡ A City With No People Wake up with me! Let’s F L O W~ Chobits style! 🙂 This mini flow was adapted from one of my favorite scenes in Chobits, where Chi teaches a human how to wake up looking “genki”. “Genki” is Japanese for “energetic"- and #ForwardFolds + #TrianglePose will definitely get your blood flowing in the morning. Does anyone else love to watch anime? Are you excited for Halloween? What are you going to be this year? I had so much fun making this costume! I have a few more costumes up my sleeve this week, so check back later this week to see more character inspired yoga 😉 Check out my blog to see more pictures, and a quick DIY for these ears! Linked in Bio! www.Cult-Intuition.com

A video posted by cyberspace is the place (@thecyberwitch) on

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Do You Sit Too Much? 6 Beginner Yoga Poses To Fix Your Posture

Do you feel uncomfortable after standing for a long time? Do you have trouble finding a comfortable sleeping position? These aches could be a sign that you are sitting too much! While sitting feels relaxing, when done for long periods of time, it can tighten our hips, hamstrings, and lower back- leading to an imbalanced, uncomfortable posture when standing and walking. Sitting can also lead to a number of short and long term health issues, like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, varicose veins, weight gain, poorer mental health, and more! (yikes)

When you think about it, our entire society is geared to the preference of sitting. We sit to eat. We sit to drive. We sit to work. We sit to play. We sit to shit. It never ends. It’s quite rare we stand to do anything nowadays… Our posture (and pelvis!) are trained to be stuck in this tight, little ball. Let’s loosen up with targeted yoga poses (called asanas). It’s wholly therapeutic! Our pelvis not only stores the tension from sitting- it also stores our negative emotions- like stress, guilt, shame, sadness- and so when we work to release the tension in our pelvis, we also release these negative emotions. Incorporate these asanas into your daily practice, and you will feel happier, refreshed, and re-centered.

When I’m opening my hips, a rush of information will flood my senses. For instance, I’ll be deepening my flex in pigeon, and suddenly catch a whiff of cafeteria pizza- transporting me back to elementary school. Or I’ll smell the intoxicatingly familiar scent of someones cuddle. Both bring up vivid memories. And so I breathe. I open the space. And I clear it. I imagine a white light filling these memories. And I let go of all thoughts. I open myself to bliss. In this way, my body physically relaxes, and so does my mind. It’s mind-body therapy- and boy is it healing!

These asanas are literally miracles if you work at a desk. After incorporating these stretches into my practice, I experience less back pain and I can stand longer. It’s also extra helpful to practice standing while at work, if it’s possible. Standing for even just a few minutes at work every day can dramatically correct your posture, and improve back pain.

Good luck, beautiful human- I hope these help you!

Warm up with a few rounds of Sun Salutations. Limber up so that you may get the most benefit from this practice. Please advise if you have any prior injuries or contraindications that may effect your practice! If it hurts at any time- stop, release the pose, and walk away! Yoga should never cause you any pain.

Pigeon Pose

My favorite hip opener. This classic beginners pose opens and aligns our hips and pelvis, lengthening our hip flexors with a deep, comfortable stretch.

Start in a Downward Dog.
Bring your front foot forward, and turn it inwards toward opposite wrist, so that your calf is perpendicular to your arms.
Gently lower yourself down, sending the back leg all the way back and down.
Come down onto your forearms. If it is comfortable stretch your arms forward and come all the way down
Bring your chest forward over your bent leg, and send the tailbone back and down.
Relax, breathe, and hold for up to two minutes.


Frog Pose

This is a gentle, yet powerful pose. In this comfortable position, you should immediately feel a deep stretch in your inner groin and hips.

Start in Child’s Pose.
Come onto your forearms.
Rock your hips back in line with your knees.
Widen your knees until you feel a stretch.
Take deep breaths. Hold for 15-45 seconds.
Rock hips forward. Walk knees together.
Come up into Table Top.


Lizard Pose

A wacky way to transform your lunge into a hip opener. This is a great stretch for the groin, hamstrings, and hip flexors.

Start in a lunge.
Widen the front foot.
Come down onto your forearms.
Breathe and hold for 15-35 seconds.


Extended Puppy Pose
Extended Puppy Pose

The first time I did this, I could feel the section of my back that is usually strained from looking at my computer screen straighten, and open up. I love this simple, restorative pose.

Start in Table Top.
Walk your hands down in front of you, mindful that your head and neck are aligned with your spine.
Forehead touches the ground.
Breathe and hold for 30 seconds.


Seated Forward Bend
Forward bend 

A deep stretch that relieves the lower back, the lumbar region- while stretching the hips, spine, back, and leg muscles all at once. It also massages all abdominal organs.

Sit with your legs out, hips even.
Sit up tall with your spine in line with your pelvis.
Hinge forward at your hips, extending your spine over your legs.
Grab your feet or use a strap reach your feet.
Hold for least 10 seconds, taking slow deep breaths.


Wide Legged Forward Bend
Wide Legged Forward Fold

A magnificent, relaxed hip and shoulder opener. Use gravity to lengthen lower lumbar regions and undo damage from sitting.

Legs should be slightly farther than shoulder width apart.
Lean forward, hinging at your hips.
Fold all the way forward and grab toes, ankles or shins with your hands.
Pull your body toward itself and the ground.
Hold for at least 10 seconds.


Let me know in the comments which pose did the trick for your back pain! If you have any questions, leave it in the comments or DM me on Instagram! @TheCyberWitch
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Autumnal Equinox Crystal Grid

Autumn Equinox Grid

Last Thursday, the Veil lifted and we entered a new season, a new space in our revolution around the Sun. In honor of this powerful transition, I created an Equinox crystal grid to channel ancient Creator wisdom and Sun energy. Sealed with the intention to attract an abundant harvest, unlock personal transformation and growth with our connection with the Earth.

I like to grid in a clear, open space (post-saging is best) with light music playing. I like to meditate first, and write my intention down on a small piece of paper. This creates a focused space to start working with energy.

Crystal grids work by channeling the intention of the Creator through the energy of crystals placed in sacred geometric patterns. The combination of crystal, intention, and geometric energies amplify each other, which is why a crystal grid can be more powerful than working with a single crystal.

For this grid, I am working with Quartz, Tibetan Quartz, Peridot, and pinecones from two National Forests (Yosemite and Yellow Stone). I’ll list the properties of these materials below.


Quartz: One of the most common (and powerful) crystals, Quartz is an amplifier. The points are arranged to channel and disperse energy outward from the center of the grid, and back into the grid.
Tibetan Quartz
Tibetan Quartz: An ancient stone of dark, smokey honey wisps and clear rainbow white crystal. It holds a deep, resonant vibration. Tibetan Quartz transmutes negative energies, and channels divine wisdom from the Ascended Masters. One stone is placed in the North and one stone in the South spaces on the grid.

Peridot: A powerful, high vibrational Heart Chakra crystal. This is a stone full of sacred Sun energy, cutting through Darkness with the holy Light of our Sun. It is great for breaking addictions, and setting someone on the right track of their life path.

Pinecones: Pine is a symbol of Nativity and health. Their energy is cleansing, warding off negative energies. Pinecones are great for redirecting focus back to your Soul Path. A symbol of the Third Eye, the Seat to the Soul, our Pineal Gland. This is our centerpoint for the grid. Usually center points are crystals, but for this season, we are building a special connection with Earth, so it makes sense to use something sacred from the National Forests.
Did you create a crystal grid to celebrate the Equinox? Let me know in the comments what stones and crystals you’re working with!
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