Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo February 2017

Full Moon Eclipse Lunar Eclipse in Leo

Yesterday a comet whizzed by Earth during the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo 😽 Bringing with it fiery loving energy, it is a time to be noticed and praised with feline ferocity! But, don’t be blinded by the illusion of your separateness from the whole. Miracles are happening all around you. At times you may even feel responsible for their grace. Remember that miraculous things do not happen because of you, they happen through you and within the environment around you. Be mindful of your ego- don’t let it eclipse your relationships with Others. Leo energy on it’s shadow side can be Self-centered. Don’t take your Self too seriously right now. Remember that when you move in alignment with the force of Light, miracles like these are bound to happen.

🔥 Full Moons are a time for letting go, just as the moon will now shed her Light to go Dark. Prepare in your mind a thought that no longer serves you. Write this thought down, and with care, light it on fire. Let it go. This is Leo energy baby, play with a little fire today 🔥

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