Solutions: Thrifting for Sustainable Clothing

Thrift Store Thrifting

Living that #NotMyPresident lifestyle anyone?

This blog mini-series is called Solutions. I’m going to show you the most effective and simplest ways to live a life of protest for the good our planet. By making tiny adjustments in our lifestyle, we can significantly reduce energy consumption and help stop climate change.

Today’s Solution is Thrifting!

Good Will Thrift Store Goodwill Thrifting Fashion Shopping
Outfit made possible by Goodwill

Did you know that the fashion industry is one of the top contributors to climate change? The fashion industry is also creating irreversible damage to our global water supply- from toxic dyes used to make clothing.

Did you know the US makes up the largest percentage of the global market for clothing?! As the primary consumers of this market, WE have the biggest impact on this pollution. Real change will start with us!

This lifehack is easy. Do not spend your hard earned money on cheap and quick fashion. Be educated of where your clothing comes from. Upcycle more. Donate or give away old clothing. Thrift. Shop local, handmade. Shop eco-friendly.

If enough people do this, we will inspire brands to find new, environmentally sustainable ways to produce their clothing.

Thrifting is a lot of fun. You never know WHAT you’ll find thrifting. There are always brands we love, in good condition and at a great price. People discover designer digs while thrifting all the time, you know.

Maybe your community hosts a monthly or weekly flea market. If you’re lucky, you’ll score some really sick vintage finds, or find new local art you fall in love with. I go to Melrose Trading Post on Fairfax and Melrose on Sundays, and I’ve scored some really unique handmade / vintage home goods, clothes, shoes and jewelry!

Last year, I decided to stop purchasing “new”, unless it was locally made, sustainably sourced, thrifted, up-cycled or handmade. The first couple of months were hard, but then when I got serious and focused on the intentions of my shopping actions, I started to manifest all of the furniture I wanted, second hand and as gifts! I haven’t looked back on shopping new.

Good Will Thrift Store Goodwill Thrifting Fashion Shopping Fashion Outfit Of The Day OOTD
Pants by Thrifting. Sweater was gifted. Top is made from recycled water bottles.
Good Will Thrift Store Goodwill Thrifting Fashion Shopping
My most recent haul from Goodwill in Hollywood
I’d always wanted prismatic shoes. I found these thrifting.

The vibe of my wardrobe shifted when I minimized my stuff and started shopping with better intentions. My style is eclectic, it’s different- and I get excited to tell people how I find the clothes I wear. I give away clothes I don’t wear, I clear out my closet every year to local thrift stores, and I try not to shop that often. I like having a versatile wardrobe, with a few long-term quality handmade pieces.

Try this fun life hack for a couple months, I’d love to hear about the magic YOU discover! Tell me in the comments!


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