Children Are Our Future

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When I traveled to India,
I learned what it looks like for more than a third of Indian children who live in extreme poverty. 
India has one of the worlds largest populations of children- and more than a third of these children live in extreme poverty.
When we were in Varanasi, we visited an ashram where talented in need children learn math, english, yoga and sanskrit for free. I was amazed at the struggle these children face on the daily, and inspired by what they accomplish in their practice. Their humility, gratitude, and service to others touched my heart. The school had trouble affording simple items like new books and brooms, bedding gear, etc because there are many kids and funding is low.
We bought the ashram new books, pencils, brooms, etc, and it was so cheap because India’s currency is nothing compared to the dollar.
A little goes a long way, especially in third world countries.
If you want to support the ashram, please donate and follow their amazing adventures at @yogamission9 @chandramaulitrust 🙏🏼❤️✨
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