Road Trip Pt. 1

Our road trip started in Baltimore, MD and took us through 10 states as we headed West for California.
Our first stop was in Indiana. James wanted to see the Cleo Rogers Memorial Library, designed by I.M. Pei. The library was dedicated to the county’s loyal librarian, Cleo Rogers. It is a unique example of modern architecture. The illusion of seamless brick was made possible by combing red brick and concrete to use as mortar. 


On the second level of the library, there was a small courtyard with a garden and skylights. The mixture of concrete, brick, and greenery enhanced quiet ambiance of the library. I could sit and read for hours on one of their little brick benches.

We also wanted to see the interior of the Irwin Conference Center, a neoclassical building designed bEero Saarinen in 1954. Unfortunately they were hosting some sort of bikers rally, so the interior was closed. We snapped this shot of the exterior before we left.

The next leg of the trip took us through Illinois, Missouri, and Kansas. We saw fields of wind turbines in Kansas. I read that Kansas is the second leading state in Wind Power and can generate amounts of power that rival our oil reserves. The silhouettes of turbines on the horizon were absolutely surreal. It would look so much better to have thousands of wind turbines compared to even dozens of oil rigs, right? They look like giant mechanical flowers, spinning in the wind and generating clean energy.

Our next stop was Colorado as we cruise to the West Coast. I’ll have that post up next week.

Until then xoxo,

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So this week, my boyfriend and I decided to work on some studio portraits. We have our studio room all set up, but we just hadn’t gotten around to doing anything with the start of the semester. These are the first set of portraits taken of me! I love the way they turned out. 

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