Geo Lens Review

I bought some super cute circle lenses and I decided to do a review!

These are the Geo Nudy series in Golden Blue.

I love them so much! I don’t wear contacts because I have really good vision, except for at night from far away. But, it’s not so horrible that I need to wear anything to enhance my vision. Circle lenses for me are entirely cosmetic.

Even in low light, these are noticeable. For super blue eyes, they look best in day light.

I would say comfort is a 10/10. You just need to make sure they are not inside out. I make sure to clean them thoroughly before putting them in. Even though lenses sit in contact solution, make sure to clean them again! Just a quick rinse with lens solution and bam, comfort is increased. 
The color is so intense! I have naturally very dark brown eyes and regular brands don’t work as well as circle lenses do. However, it’s only safe to wear these for 5-6 hours, so I would recommend wearing them for school or work and then give your eyes a break. 
A lot of people ask me where to buy circle lenses. Looking online can be dangerous, as there are many knock offs in the market. What’s wrong with knock offs? They can scratch your eye! And cause all kinds of bacteria and sometimes blindness. I purchase all of mine from because they are all authentic and good quality. Plus, it’s not too expensive and the shipping is decently fast!
Also, when your lenses arrive be sure to soak them in a regular contact solution for 8-10 hours. The solution they come in isn’t good for you!
Hopefully this helps! Let me know when you guys get some.

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