☼ My Mission Statement ☼

☼ My Mission Statement 
My goals are to assist with the ascension process by photographing and recording my experiences with other forms of intelligent life. The information I receive will be posted on this blog first.
How can I interact with Aliens?
First- you must believe. Believe in their existence. Find those shadows of doubt in your mind and bring to light with the knowledge: life is out there.
Understand what Unity Consciousness is. Practice Unity Consciousness!
Come to one of my meditations to learn more. They’re free!
What is Unity Consciousness?
Unity Consciousness is the understanding that at the most basic level, we are all connected-  the Universe came from One, and we are each animated pieces of that One. Unity Consciousness in Action looks like making Choices and Moving with Intention for the Good of All. It looks like Forgiving in the Moment, stay Light, and practice LOVE!
Practice this Unity Consciousness everyday, and understand it to our deepest abilities.
My main goals are to:
-Unite with beings who Believe, collectivate and coordinate organized meetings where we discuss alien + human relations.
-Spread awareness about aliens and Unity consciousness.
-Enhance the standards of living for all beings on this planet, so that we all become Creators not Consumers.
I know this may sound strange- so here’s a video from an encounter this summer. I was inspired to write this post after receiving contact with these beings this night on my roof.
They allowed me to take a video of one of their orbs. And then they told me to share it with you. Before I say “See you later” I want to add that they told me to say that for the video. I had no idea they would disappear, the orb was around for several minutes before this while I danced. Aliens have a great sense of timing and how to make a good video.