Full Moon in Cancer January 2017

We’re feeling the emotional ocean of the first Full Moon of 2017 in the sign of the Mother: Cancer. She brings us warm feelings of home and empathy, spiritual ascension, motherhood, and mood swings. You may find yourself redefining your sense of home and comfort, while old emotions surface. Embrace the wild way you feel. Bring it all to surface to heal.


This Full Moon is called the Wolf Moon by North American tribal tradition. The spirit of the Wolf teaches us the Call of the Wild, opening us to lessons in teamwork and inner freedom. What has been calling your heart that you may be ignoring? How can you expand your sense of inner freedom? You are being challenged to let go of old habits to explore something new.


Don’t worry about making an action or final decision this Full Moon. Allow yourself to feel everything that comes to surface. Soak it up. And like Cancer the crab, pull back into your shell, your home, to process it all. Now is a good time to journal, bake delicious foods, and spend time around the home.


Recommended Crystals for this Full Moon in Cancer

Rose Quartz Moon Stone Amethyst

Work with soothing crystals this Full Moon. Moon Stone and Rose Quartz work exceptionally well with Cancer energy. Rose Quartz is emotionally stabilizing, opening our hearts to greater depths of love and compassion. Moon Stone creates space for emotional growth, enhancing our personal intuition and filling us with stable guidance. I also like to work with Amethyst, for the soothing and relaxing qualities that radiate from this lovely purple crystal. Amethyst is a third eye chakra stone, opening our eyes to see clearer the emotional realm within us. Bathe these crystals under the light of the Full Moon tonight, possibly light a white candle and ask your guides to release whatever is holding you back. Be mindful of the visuals or words you receive when working with these crystals. These are important messages for you from higher planes of consciousness. Write them down in a journal, and keep it with you for reference. Crystals channel with them ancient Earth wisdom, and if you are open to receive these messages you will!

Wishing you luck, love, and comfort this Full Moon. I hope wherever you are, you are warm and with people you love.


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