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I’ve been photographing UFOs over the last year. And I want to share with you what I’m learning.

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Swipe right to see a UFO 🛸 . . . This was from one of the nights we made contact. It was witnessed and confirmed by my friend Pablo and I. We saw this craft, with a beautiful light that could go on or off, and the ship could go up or down. We saw many UFOs it was amazing! They’re not at all like shooting stars, which last momentarily. The UFOs can move really slowly across the sky, and change direction and speed. I have more photos and notes about my experiences- i wish I had the funds to get better equipment for better images and videos. For now I’ll post this UFO photo on Instagram and 🧘🏽‍♀️ questions? Leave a comment or send me a DM. . . . . #UFOs #UFO #Truth #NewParadigm #wildwomen #believe #indigochildren #TopSecret #Research #Alien #Sighting #Alt #SuperSoldier

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These moments I’ve shared star gazing and being in contact with UFOs in the sky with my friends are priceless. I was an amateur astrophotographer in college, that is how I learned how to go about night sky photography. If I had access to a personal telescope, or a 300, 500, or 800mm lens, I could show you more details from these encounters.

I would love the chance to show more photographs and my writings in an interactive gallery! I am working on hosting an alien gallery in a few months with my friends! Stay tuned for more!


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